The Couch is Killing Me - My 30 Day War on Laziness. Join me!

One month from today - May 26 - what will you wish you had started 30 days ago?

Every day goes this way - I get up, I go to my desk job.  I come home, my fiance and I make dinner and clean up. We hit the couch to watch the evening news then two episodes of Mad Men. All winter this has been our routine (we started Season 1 of Mad Men in the Fall and we're up to Season 5, I must say I'm addicted to Don Draper and the whole swagger of the 60s, but that's another blog post).

By January my fiance was complaining about our boring life. "But what else is there?" I'd say. Then I'd list the alternatives to this routine. To bowling he scowled. At the mention of card games he looked nauseous. Bar hopping and shopping are fun, but we'll be fat, sick and broke if we pick up those habits. Plus, TV is such a and attractive. There's something for everyone.

Liz Lemon, working on my night cheeseThe average American watches 34 hours of television per week.   Plus, now we know that sitting is the new smoking. When we watch TV we're doing both. The couch is going to kill us! This has to stop.

Plus there are so many things I really want to write in my blog. Clean a closet. Take a cooking class. Work on my voice over career. Visit my grandma. And now that the weather is nicer, there are more options, like....Walk the dog. Ride my bike. Work in the garden.

Liz Lemon....Resolutions
“One of my New Year’s resolutions is to say “yes!” Yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more!” (Episode 5.11, “Mrs. Donaghey”)

Here's the challenge - 30 Day War on Laziness

It would be more poetic to start this on May 1, but to put it off for almost a week sounds lazy. So I will start today with this blog post. Every day, before I head to the couch, I will devote one hour to doing  something else - one of the things I mentioned above. I will write about it ....maybe standing up.

What is the thing you want to do more of, but can't find the time? Dedicate one hour a day for the next 30 days and keep a journal about the experience. Are you with me?!!  In one month, what will you wish you had started today?

If you join me, share this post on Facebook and make your announcement publicly for motivation. Then share your journey. Good luck!

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