Day 1 of the Whole30

7 AM: Today I started the Whole30 eating plan. For 30 days that means no sugar, no alcohol (ouch), no bread, crackers, nothing processed. Also no beans (so I can’t have my go-to snack hummus, ugh!). But I can have avocado (thank God), meat, eggs, nuts, coconut and most fruits. My breakfast this morning was... Read more »

Depression is not funny: RIP Robin Williams

The death of Robin Williams saddens me terribly – another tragic loss of a sweet gifted soul who lost a battle with depression and addiction. How can someone who appears so happy could be so deeply sad inside? Sad enough to take his own life? He had a wife who loved him, surely there were... Read more »

Don't Blame Slender Man, Blame the Death of the Family Dinner

I don’t even know what Slender Man is aside from another fictional pop culture figure that people will want to blame for the actions of the two 12 year old girls from Wisconsin who lured their friend into the woods and stabbed her in an attempt to win the affections of this character. As I... Read more »
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Advice to Parents: 4 Ways to Slow Down Time

Someday finally came. When my daughter was born, graduation day seemed a lifetime away. All the “older folks” told me over and over again that “they grow up fast, cherish every moment,” and “she’ll be graduating from high school in the blink of an eye.”  I thought, geez, that’s 18 years from now. So to... Read more »

Parents & Transgender Prom Dates

Dress: $250. Corsage: $30. Seeing your daughter stand confidently by her friends: priceless. Senior Prom 2014 was an adventure in parenting that I really hadn’t expected. Most parents share the same fears when it comes to teenagers and prom – sex, drugs, drinking. I wasn’t worried about my daughter doing any of these things. She... Read more »

Week One of the War on Laziness

On Day two of my challenge and I was panicking. What will I write about every day for 30 days? Thirty days from now two very big milestones will have passed in  my daughter’s life – Senior Prom and High School Graduation. She’s my only child. That’s gotta be two good blog posts, right? The... Read more »

Theater Review: "Wizard of Oz" is A Horse of A Different Color

Thursday night my daughter and I had the chance to see opening night of “Wizard of Oz”, the Broadway in Chicago production, which runs through May 11 at the Cadillac Palace Theater. She won tickets through a contest. If we hadn’t won the tickets I probably would not have purchased them because, although I love the... Read more »

Thank You NBA Adam Silver for Banning Donald Sterling

The NBA absolutely did the right and honorable thing by banning Donald Sterling. When I first heard of this story, I didn’t expect any consequences for Donald Sterling.  I thought, here’s another case of  where anybody can spew whatever hatred they want with no consequences. I’m personally relieved that Donald Sterling is being punished for... Read more »

War on Laziness Day 3: Work hard, play hard

Day three – Today instead of sitting right down in front of the boob tube I cleaned out my medicine cabinet and sorted my files so that I now have a big stack to shred. Then I took the dog for a walk and now I’m writing. All in an hour. A very productive hour.... Read more »

A Little Dive Bar called Silver Moon Saloon

Little dive bars are such gems. Almost every town has one, but when you discover one, you feel like it belongs to you. This weekend we took a quick jaunt to St. Charles, Missouri to visit some friends. We’ve been there many times and when we go we like to stop in at the Sliver... Read more »