Top 10 Devon Avenue Restaurants

Top 10 Devon Avenue Restaurants
Photo by Hannah Lutz

Rogers Park’s Devon Avenue is a street recognized for its collection of cultural diversity. Though it’s hard to choose only ten, here is a list of the top ten restaurants along Devon.


1. Argo Georgian Bakery

2812 W. Devon

Argo Georgian Bakery is a Rogers Park gem to both middle easterners and Rogers Park natives simply taking a stroll down Devon. The authentic Georgian bakery makes its mark with its delicious pastries. They offer filo- wrapped pies, like spinach pie, talpuna (honey-walnut pie) and perhaps their most popular hachapuri (mozzarella, farm cheese and feta cheese wrapped in filo dough). They also bake pastries and unique flat breads.


2. Nori

1235 W. Devon

Nori is a Japanese restaurant that recently took Blue Elephant’s place along Devon. Though it is most popular for its fresh sushi, Nori also prepares rolls, maki, noodles and bento boxes.


3. Uncommon Ground

1401 W. Devon

Uncommon Ground has made its way into a few of my posts- one of the many signs of its greatness. This restaurant is highly sustainable, growing its produce in its rooftop garden. They also support local talent with their artist of the month and nightly live music.


4. Chopal Kabob and Steak

2240 W. Devon

This Pakistani/ Indian joint gives you a lot for your dollar. With their lamb, goat, chicken, beef, sea food and veggie options, there is something to soothe every craving.


5. Stella Espresso Company

1259 W. Devon

Stella has also been frequenting my blog posts. Its homey charm always comes to my mind when blogging about Rogers Park’s best spots. Stella has a variety of baked goods, fresh paninis and, of course, delectable hot and cold drinks.


6. Three Sisters Delicatessen

2854 W. Devon

Three Sisters is a Russian deli that adds to Devon’s cultural hue. They prepare a wide variety of meats and special cheeses, along with a generous chocolate selection. They’ll even make customers a sandwich on the spot.


7. Indian Garden

2546 W. Devon

Indian Garden, one of Devon’s many Indian restaurants, pleases its customers with authentic Indian dishes. They serve dishes of meats, vegetables and dessert.


8. Arya Bhavan

2508 W. Devon

Arya Bhavan, another Indian eatery, is well-attended for its buffet. Customers are satisfied with so many choices and full plates. Arya Bhavan, unlike other Devon Indian restaurants, is a vegetatian restaurant, and is well-liked for its many vegan options.


9. Hema’s Kitchen

2439 W. Devon

Yet another Indian restaurant is Hema’s Kitchen. Hema’s serves fresh, authentic Indian food off of her extensive menu. Hema’s is famous for its samosas, a pastry shell stuffed with anything from meats to vegetables to potatoes.


10. King Sweets

2308 W. Devon

King Sweets specializes in Indian desserts. Popular dessert choices are King Sweets’ kaju barfi (cashew fudge), hariyal barfi (coconut fudge) and carrot hallway (dense carrot cake).


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