A Safe Haven at Red Door Animal Shelter

A Safe Haven at Red Door Animal Shelter
Photo by Hannah Lutz

In an urban area, it can be a struggle to find a safe, welcoming place for pets. Rogers Park stands out as a friendly place for pets and owners alike. Rogers Park residents seem to perk up at the sight of dog walkers. The similar interest connects neighbors and makes a big neighborhood seem more intimate. Pets bring a lightness and friendly aurora to the neighborhood.


Red Door Animal Shelter at 2410 West Lunt Avenue is one of only five no-kill multispecies shelters in the country. Donations and grants fund the shelter as it houses and cares for the three most popular pets in the United States- dogs, cats and rabbits.


Since the middle ages, a red door has symbolized a safe haven. As a cageless animal shelter, Red Door runs by its symbol. Their primary emphasis is to re-home the animals, but they will permanently house and care for those who are not placed in loving homes. Red Door strives to start programs that will reach the animals’ greatest health and happiness. They rely on a community of animal lovers to create a caring environment for rescued dogs, cats and rabbits.


Before adoption, Red Door spays and neuters its animals to provide a healthy pet for clients. As they promote adoption, Red Door has a strict criterion for potential pet owners. To ensure the pet’s safety and well-being, Red Door requires that all potential owners are at least 22 years old. They must also present their current landlord’s contact information and current or past vet’s contact information. After obtaining this information, Red Door asks potential pet owners to fill out an application and then schedule an appointment with the adoption counselor, so that the pets and their owners will be a perfect match.


Red Door also sponsors a foster care program for animal lovers who are unable to adopt or who may later consider adoption. A commitment of just a few weeks can save an animal. Red Door’s foster care program is an essential part of its mission in rescuing abandoned animals. While Red Door searches for permanent adoptive homes or wait for vacancy in their shelter, foster owners play a key role in providing a caring home for the pet. The foster family is responsible for the animals’ food and water, but Red Door will take care of the animals’ medical care.


In addition to the foster care program, Red Door has frequent fundraising events to help them support the animals. Currently, Red Door is putting on a raffle, where all proceeds go to the care of the animals. On April 21 and April 25, Red Door will be holding spa days for any rabbits, cats or guinea pigs. The spa will feature nail clipping, ear cleaning, brushing and massages all set to soothing music in their herb-scented spa-shelter. In June, Red Door will host a walk for the animals with brunch, raffle and entertainment. One month later, Red Door will host a dog wash at Central Bark. All proceeds for each event benefit Red Door’s animals’ care.


Beyond adopting, foster parenting and supporting fundraisers, Red Door Animal Shelter also accepts donations. The animals’ wish list can be found on Red Door’s website. A fun, interactive way to donate, though, is through Red Door’s buddy program. To become an online buddy, either yourself or as a gift, you can choose a pet and donate at least $25 for food, shelter and vet care before it finds a home. This unique option follows Red Door’s mission of considering the animals’ well-being first.


Red Door’s highest success is in providing animals with a home of safety, health, and love and care. Red Door Animal Shelter relentlessly supports its mission of the “red door” message of a forever safe haven.

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