Rogers Park Coffee Shops for Every Craving

Rogers Park Coffee Shops for Every Craving
Photo by Flickr/ Pete Barr- Watson

By Hannah Lutz


If you’re dying for a caffeine fix, craving a sweet pastry, or just looking for a friendly atmosphere, Rogers Park’s coffee shops will never fail you.


1. Stella

1259 W Devon Ave.

Stella Espresso Company has been open since 2007. Stella serves deluxe espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and tea along with               delectable goodies like muffins, scones and biscotti. What I like most about Stella is its atmosphere. Its mismatched wooden furniture gives it a comfortable, homey feel. You can even text the baristas your order so it’s ready right when you walk through Stella’s door.


2. The Common Cup

1501 W Morse Ave.

This independent coffee house sits in the heart of Rogers Park, just steps away from the Rogers Park Community Council and a block from the Morse red line stop. In addition to the delectable food and drink choices, The Common Cup offers knitting clubs, book clubs and support groups. Local artists’ work decorates the walls, and their tip jar goes towards a different Rogers Park nonprofit organization every month.


3. The Daily Cup

1217 W Devon Ave.

The Daily Cup is a friendly coffee shop with locally roasted espresso. It offers loose leaf teas, fresh baked goods, and sandwiches and wraps made to order. Its relaxed vibe will make any Rogers Parker feel right at home.


4. Metropolis

1039 W Granville Ave.

Metropolis’s 1950s limestone building begs passersby to stop to see what all the hype’s about. The coffee house’s focus on community brings in much business giving the shop a seemingly endless buzz. Metropolis serves fresh pastries and sandwiches, loose leaf teas, and internationally- sourced, daily roasted coffees.


5. Starbucks

6738 N Sheridan Rd.

Rogers Park’s Starbucks is in a prime location, perfect to stop in on a cold, blustery day or to drop by to enjoy an afternoon on the patio during Chicago's hot summers.  Starbucks sells their many roasts and blends, along with pastries, sandwiches and other breakfast options. Another Starbucks perk is they give out nutritional facts and since there are so many locations, gift or rewards cards are easily applicable.


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  • Great Rogers Park articles Hanna. I think another great cafe that is a must-visit Rogers Park location is Charmers Cafe at 1500 W. Jarvis Avenue Chicago, IL. 60626.

    I believe that the photo for this article was a Charmers Cafe cup.

  • Thanks for the tip, Bill! I'll be sure to check it out.

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