No addict wants to live in dereliction, plain & simple. No addict wants to rob, steal, lie and slink from shadow to shadow. Yet, the compulsion to do so is almost too much for them to deny. "You don't do it, you don't get your fix, you're going to die", the disease says, and the addict will agree. Welcome to the day to day life of an addict in active addiction.

Someone is thinking,"No, its not like that", yet it is. Addiction is a disease as cunning and baffling as any mental disorder out there. Any notion that addiction isn't a mental disorder is completely wrong and does the person suffering ill justice. Society needs to admit to itself that Addiction is a 21st century plague that is undoing any progress we've made.

With the meteoric rise of the prescription pill problem, a new dimension was added to the Addiction pantheon. I won't try to assign blame to anyone, in this particular example, but something needs to be done to help solve this new problem. During my time in Narcotics Anonymous, I can say with all honesty, that the amount of people suffering with an addiction to prescription pills is mind boggling. I've been in meetings where nearly 50% of the people in attendance are recovering from this particular malady.

As time has gone on, my perspective has grown to understand that there isn't enough being done to eradicate the problem. The war on drugs is an utter failure, people are dying needlessly, and the situation is growing more and more bleak. I don't have a solution to the problem, I just am waiting for inevitable call to tell me that someone else I know, from recovery, has relapsed or died. No, its not a fatalist view, I have experienced this countless times in my 15 months in recovery and as an active member of Narcotics Anonymous.

My heart aches knowing so many suffer from this illness. My heart breaks a little more each time I hear about a friend, or associate, that has passed away. I want nothing more than for everyone to live a full and productive life, as grandiose and unrealisticĀ  as I know those wishes are.

We need to, as a society, take the reigns and do our part to do what no one else seems capable of doing. Taking charge of our lives, our community, and our brothers and sisters to ensure that this epidemic becomes an unpleasant memory.

Next time, I will introduce you to an addict in recovery, telling their story in their own words.

Thanks for reading.

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