Cultures - the Americans

Have you ever wondered how the different laws and societal norms would affect you, if you were uprooted from your current place of residence and dropped into a foreign land? The Law of Jante in the Nordic regions, as an example. If you were born and raised to believe in the power of the community... Read more »

The Nether

I believe, the hardest part of recovery is putting your trust in others. For as long as the Addict is out running the streets, he/she is dealing with untrustworthy types, people you shouldn’t trust to begin with. Once you get into recovery, they tell you to start anew, to create a new circle of individuals... Read more »

the Return - A Journey thru Today

A journey is defined by it’s twists and turns, the adventures one encounters along the way, the experience earned. Since I had last posted anything, so much has happened. I originally disappeared because I had broke my wrist. Being forced away from the things that had become routine was both refreshing and enlightening, much of... Read more »
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Addiction part 4

Envy is an interesting concept. Some jealousy, some anger, some disbelief, all rolled into a neat little package called Envy. “How could they have which I do not!”, the envious person espouses to themselves. Envy isn’t Greed; Greed is the gluttonous desire to have more of what you already have. For the addict, envy is... Read more »

The Seven Deadly Sins of Addiction - Part 3

When we think of wrath, we think of vengeance, fury, anger, perceived revenge, violence. A lashing out against someone, or something, that has wronged an individual. Another way Merriam-Websters dictionary defines it,”retributory punishment for an offense or a crime :  divine chastisement”. We choose to be the ultimate decider in another persons fate, we play God... Read more »

The Seven Deadly Sins of Addiction - Part 2

For most of us, motivation isn’t a problem. We get up each morning with the knowledge that we have set things we have to accomplish throughout our waking hours. Whether we actually want to do it is outta the question, its stuff that needs to be done, so we do them. Then there are those... Read more »

The Seven Deadly Sins of Addiction - Part 1

You may not know that I am a gigantic history buff, I have a huge fascination with learning nearly forgotten knowledge. With that said, a lot of what I have studied has revolved around the mindset, psychology/sociology, of the people during those ancient days and see how it compares to modern man. One of the... Read more »

Addictions Journey - the Path we walk

A journey is an adventure of discovery, hardship and wonder. Our ancestors set off into the unknown, seeking out distant lands and riches. We set out on a different sort of adventure. We grow, we learn, we pass our knowledge and wisdom onto our children. Rarely do we venture out and seek the unknown, like... Read more »

Addictions Journey - Understanding and Patience

For a while, life was good. All you had to worry about was what mischief you and your friends could find. Something, anything, to stave off the boredom of childhood. While you are young, those acts of mischief are life lessons, things to remember for the future. Then you start getting older, the mischief you... Read more »

The Addict and Dreams

We all dare to dream. Some dream of distant futures, some dream of tomorrow. Dreams help us put our thoughts and hopes into perspective. Life wouldn’t be worth living if we had no dreams. Having spoken to many addicts, recovering or actively using, dreaming of a better tomorrow might be the be all, end all.... Read more »