One Choice Can Change Your Destiny

In life, we have millions of decisions to make daily! As children, the decisions are as simple as wanting the red or green popsicle. In middle school, the decisions range from joining choir or playing a flute in the band. Is football or basketball the sport to play? High school decisions get a bit more complex. Should I date Jim or Kevin? Should I ask Sarah or Maria to prom? Should I stay away from the group that drinks? How popular do I want to be? Should I go to college or get a job?

As we enter into adulthood, the decisions can still be simple but can also get even more entangled and complex. Should I turn right or left at the light? Should I rent or save for a house? Some are even more emotional and can pull at your heartstrings. There are decisions in life that will alter your destiny no matter what the choice. I had a few of those.

As a young adult, I was faced with a surprise pregnancy. I was planning a bachelor's degree, world travel and buying my Mustang 5.0! Here I was with a decision that would forever change or at least put off some of those desires.

I was flooded with a tsunami of emotions! Should I have the baby and deal with the circumstances like an adult? After a bit of self-talk, I knew there was only one decision I could make that would let my heart and soul be right.

With that decision, there were months of weight gain, a delivery that Lamaze training did NOT properly prep you for and then, this amazing being that was perfect and priceless!

I was in college majoring in computer science. That was when NO one owned a computer. They were as big as a refrigerator, and you had to be on campus to get any work done. This became my challenge. How do I balance a baby and books? How do I finish all this work on campus and be away from my family? Was Computer Science realistically going to be my career path? Should I stay in school or quit and return later? Again, another choice that redirected my destiny!

This tiny being didn't come from the hospital with any directions! No manual! It was on the job training! How do I get her to go to bed so that I could do homework? Well, Computer Science did not turn out to be my path. So that I could be the mom that I so deeply wanted to be, I needed to make a choice other than computers. I thought about all sorts of career options and soon weeded them all out. I was left with the best choice, EDUCATION.

Now, I shifted majors midway through. It was going to take me longer to get out.  My mother-in-law was an angel on earth and helped me with the little princess that ruled everyone's world. Her presences demanded attention! I think it was the high pitched cries that got the most attention.

I made it through the Bachelor of Arts in Education. I made it through the Master of Arts in Education. I didn't stop there! I made it through yet another Masters. This one in Educational Administration. I have just completed 26 years in education and have to say that I would NEVER have known my calling if it were not for my daughter.

She changed my destiny. She showed me how to love greater than I could have ever known love existed. She made me stronger than I knew I could ever be! She made me dig DEEP for perseverance and grit to know that even though I was exhausted and up all night doing homework and working, my WHY was greater than myself!

My daughter lead me to my passion of teaching,  leaving this world better than I found it and knowing that I would never regret that choice.

By the way, I did buy my Mustang 5.0 when I graduated! The world travel is coming soon!

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