Forget New Year's Resolutions! My Four Words for 2016

Forget New Year's Resolutions! My Four Words for 2016

4 Words for 2016


Happy New Year!  It’s still January!  I think we can still wish people a Happy New Year.  I hope that the start of 2016 has been nothing short of spectacular for you!  January has been busy and productive for me.  It’s off to a phenomenal start!

How are you coming along with your resolutions?  Did you make any?  I know some people who have already shared that they fell off the bandwagon and haven’t kept up with what they resolved to do.  That has happened to the best us.

I have to admit, over the years I have made resolutions only to fall short of keeping them by February!  I gave that ritual up a few years ago and adopted a new one this year.  I still feel like I need some structure to guide my year, but just not rigid resolutions.

This year, I chose 4 words that will guide or steer me through the 4 seasons of 2016.  I think this concept is more attainable to keep themes flowing through the year versus sticking to rigid resolutions!  I chose 4 words that will guide my choices, challenge myself and help guide my actions.  I’d like to share those with you.


My 4 Words for 2016:


BE  - I chose this word to help me remember to not always be in the state of “doing”, but sometimes to just “be” and absorb all the beauty in the now.  Life is so rushed.  We sometimes miss the best moments because we fail to “be” focused on all the great things happening right in front of us now!

PLAN  - I like this word!  I like that it is a noun and a verb.  As the verb, I plan some outcomes for 2016 and create a vision.  In the sense of the noun, I have a plan of what 2016 will look like and will be flexible along the way.  This word is a vital piece of my 2016.  It gives some structure and direction.


FLOW  -  I chose the word FLOW  because there are times that I can get stuck on thinking that there is one way to get things done or one outcome to a situation.  This word reminds me of a river and how the flow of the river can be different in places but still gets to the end location.  It will keep me focusing on flexibly moving toward the end result and being open to new ways to get there.


IGNITE  -  This may be my favorite!  This is a powerful word.  It is a transformational word to me.  If something is ignited it can change and transform into another state.  If you think of a solid candle, once the wick is ignited it begins to melt the surrounding wax and changes the candle from a solid to a liquidy wax.  If you think of wood being ignited and started on fire, the wood begins as a solid and turns into ash after it’s burned.  After being ignited, the object is in a new state or form.  It was changed.  I want to ignite myself to be my BEST me and not sell myself short or pay small!  I want to ignite others to Go Big or go home!  Are you playing your best game?



I have these words posted in various places to remind me of what I want out of 2016!  I like this idea much better than rigid resolutions that seem to fizzle by February.  The year is still young!  I challenge you to choose 3 or 4 words that will guide and challenge your journey through 2016!  Come on!  It’s your turn.  Share your words with me in the comments section.  I’d love to hear from you!


Happy New Year!

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