Twelve Old School Alternatives to Tech Gadgets

Twelve Old School Alternatives to Tech Gadgets

I get out in social groups, and I enjoy people watching.  I notice minimal interaction is taking place more frequently, as people are mesmerized with their cell phones, checking in and tagging on Facebook, checking how many likes on a post! Could it be that in this never ending exchange for information, tweets, FB status updates, and text messaging to name a few, gadgets have swallowed up true “social” time.  There are some old school alternatives to tech gadgets!  If we take a step back a few years, we had some non-tech moments.  If we take a walk down memory lane, I think many of these activities were pretty fun!  Here is a list of twelve (why limit myself to ten) things to enjoy which do not require a techno gadget, which you might just like:

1. Biking

2. Walking

3. Kissing

4. Holding Hands

5. Chit chatting

6. Cooking

7. Swimming

8. Doodling

9. Thinking

10. Hugging

11. Dancing

12. Laughing

I know there are more activities that could be added!  Now of course, a tech gadget can and is added to about all activities in one way or another today, but I think I NEED a low-tech day soon… a digital detox of sorts!  I may have withdrawals from my phone, but the human interaction and connection will be PRICELESS!

I think I will try a NO Tech Tuesday… ok, to be REAL with myself; I’ll try for a LOW Tech Tuesday first!  Could YOU do it?

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