The weather is bugging me

You can call them bugs, but I call them my worst nightmare.  I know for the most part that bugs are harmless and humans are much bigger, however, I view the whole bug kingdom very differently.  By nature, women aren’t fond of these creepy crawly annoyances.  I’m inclined to believe I’m more frightened than most. I live... Read more »

Unemployment Tactics

Times are so tough right now.  I’m not going to bore you with unemployment statistics or the miserable facts behind them, but how to cope with job loss in a healthy way. Being unemployed these past two months have taught me so much about myself.  Rather than dwell on the negative, I have to consciously put... Read more »

Peace for Gary Coleman

I’m one to go along with jokes that are probably not in good taste.  I think we all do to a certain degree.  Lately, I’ve been hearing so many jokes about Gary Coleman’s demise.  I use that word demise because it speaks volumes on how he lived his life.   Dying at the age of 42 is... Read more »

Dating and sex in 2010

Dating and sex in the 21st century… Have things really changed all that much?  You be the judge.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  Writing my experience in a poem may take away some of the rudeness that I encountered today. I left some things out, but you can let your imagine run with it. It’s hard... Read more »

Nightmares are not good for your health

Are crazy dreams really brought on by our own doing?  I’ve heard all the do’s and don’ts about bedtime routines that ensure a good night’s sleep.  I admit that I don’t follow these rules, but I can’t figure out why I have such bizarre dreams.   Last night, I had another repetitive dream that’s extremely disturbing.  I hope... Read more »

A role in my own movie

It has occurred to me that people form judgments and opinions about others way too quickly…me included.  I’ve felt strongly about this for quite some time now and after my experience today I feel the need to talk about it. While standing in line at the store today, a young man(I mean young ) behind me strikes... Read more »

I still prefer vinyl

DO YOU EVER GET A CRAVING TO HEAR YOUR CLASSIC MUSIC THE WAY YOU DID WHEN IT WAS FIRST DELIVERED TO YOU ON VINYL?  IF YOU LOVE MUSIC LIKE I DO THEN YOU HAVE TO READ THIS. There’s something about listening to the Rolling Stones on an album that sounds pretty cool.  I’m sure many of you... Read more »

Holy Circus

I’d say I’m a pretty good Catholic.  I go to church as often as I can and basically follow the rules.  I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be a Saint, but what I saw on Sunday was appalling. I like to sit in the pew about ten minutes before mass starts to watch the people enter the church.  Is it just... Read more »

I'm a Golden Girl

I swore this would never be me.   When you’re a kid you vow to never become an old, crabby, get off my lawn type of person.  It’s every child’s promise to be too cool to turn out like that.  Lately, I’ve noticed myself morphing into that very person.  Little by little, I catch myself losing patience... Read more »

Random Happenings and Thoughts...

Only slept three hours; woke up nauseous. -Drank coffee at lightning speed which dribbled on to my new blouse. -Pants split right in middle of thigh when I sat down on the train. -Thought person on the train was smiling at me, but realized their face was permanently stuck that way… so I stopped smiling back. -Exited off the train and was... Read more »