Being A Kid Is No Longer Fun

 Can you picture a world of people floating around in big, cushy bouncy bubbles?  In this world, you may accidentally float into another's space, but you will never get hurt because you are protected.  Does that sound good to you?  WAKE UP!! 


  A friend of mine told me that they wanted to buy a pinata for their daughter's birthday party.  All they could find were pinatas made to break open without hitting the poor stuffed thing.  The correct way for this is to pull on different tabs and when you pull the correct one...JACKPOT!  Some feel this child's game is dangerous when a stick is involved.  After all, kids who play with sticks or hit things with bats(like a ball) must be future homicidal maniacs.  Here's a novel idea...make the other kids stand back so they don't get hit.  Why don't parents refuse to give birth and keep them protected forever(OUCH)!   Nobody wants their children to get hurt, of course not, but taking away possible harmful outcomes isn't helping anything.

  Children should scrape a knee, fall off a bike and experience childhood.  If they're protected from every negative force in this world then how will they grow up to be functional adults? If sheltered kids get their first taste of pain as an adult, they won't know how to pull through.  This world can be rough and there's no escaping that reality. 

 Every time I turn around there's something shoved in my face of how I should live a better, safer life; I believe I can make that decision for myself.  People have survived thousands of years without anti bacterial gels, stick-less pinatas and Lord knows what else.  All I'm saying is that people have to learn coping mechanisms at an early age and get out of their protective bubbles. 

   Gotta run!  Sorry, I have to walk now so I don't run into a moving vehicle.  Enjoy your day.


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