Ronald Mcdonald is innocent

I know times are tough...even for Ronald Mcdonald.  I still can't believe that people are trying to get Ronald Mcdonald fired.

 -A group of 550 health professionals are creating a stir to fire Ronald because he's promoting unhealthy foods to children.

I'm disturbed and angry about this subject matter.  The world had lost its marbles, or shall i say chicken nuggets.  It's the parents who are responsible for what they feed their children!  If you don't want your kids eating Mcdonalds then don't take them there.

I didn't know this concept was so difficult for people to understand.  Ronald Mcdonald is a fun character that kids relate to because he's cute and brings out playfulness in children.  I highly doubt when the character was invented it was to tempt children into consuming 500 cheeseburgers so they can become obese adults. 

The parents are the ones who make the decisions, not a group of pathetic losers targeting an innocent clown.  Who is the real clown here?  The funny thing is that kids grow up to be adults and will be perfectly capable in deciding if they want a Big Mac or an apple stick.  We are losing our sense of choice in this overly politically correct world we've created.  Keep your kids active, monitor their food intake and you be the judge! 

Furthermore, if you want to eat healthy at a fast food place then that's your choice.  If another wants to consume 500 fat grams per meal then that's their choice.  Choices are there for a reason.  We are all different and that's what makes us special. 

-To the 500 or so "health professionals"... Get a life!  Worry about you and your own family and quit forcing your distorted views on the rest of us.  Kids are kids and they will grow up by the influence of their parents, not your views.  Where does this crap end?  I'm glad I'm not a kid now because there's always some loser group waiting to take away the innocence of childhood by taking away iconic figures that have been adored for generations. 

Off to eat a cheeseburger!!

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  • Jill, I could not have said it better myself. I hate all the groups trying to make choices for me and my family. Did you see the latest? They are trying to take chocolate milk out of schools. Here is a tip. Get the violence and drugs off the streets, make food, gas, health insurance more affordable and work on more important issues and leave choices which effect me and my family for ME to make. What's next? Take away the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus because they promote candy intake. I think I may go eat two Cheeseburger Happy Meals. So take that, health professionals.

    Kristen T.

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