A Friend's Betrayal

Betrayal.   Movies, songs, poems and plays try to portray this ugly fact of life, but they don't really say how to deal with the aftermath.  Do we really understand this underhanded, back-stabbing, punch in the gut, turn me over and call me Sally type of sin?  Until you, the betray-ee, fully realizes what has transpired, you're at a loss for words. The initial finding out of wrongdoing leaves you feeling sucker punched in the stomach while standing on uneven ground.  All you've known up until this point was trust and security with a very special person who had your back.  The sudden realization that your back now has a knife in it, leaves you questioning your new reality. 
When your significant other reveals their less than true intentions, it's utterly heartbreaking,  but what if this was one of your best friends?  Are there a different set of rules when romance is not a factor in the picture?  Do the rules change?  Although the feelings may be similar, there's a subtle difference.  There's  a code between friends,one that you feel will never be broken. Finding out that that someone you've trusted and loved like a sister is not at all who they claim to be... is devastating!  Friends are supposed to be a constant in your life.  They are the ones you go to when your boyfriend/girlfriend has wronged you...the ones you cry to.  They're not supposed to be the ones that hurt you; that's a code friends make to one another for life.
We all make mistakes, but the key is to learn from them.  Not hearing that the person is truly sorry for their actions leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.  There are certain things you just don't do.  When lines are crossed and boundaries are treaded upon, it creates a new normal for you; part of your heart is missing.  You try to piece together the puzzle that led to the ultimate betrayal, wondering if you've missed something along the way.  Your head spins, stomach turns, sleep is lost, and your heart hurts.  The hardest thing is to grieve over a friendship that probably really never was.
Now what?  I guess you have to forgive them, for your sake.  I thank God I believe in karma!  Don't stop trusting because that's how they win.  Just keep a sharper eye on who you allow in your life.

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