Blood Makes You Feel Alive

I've decided to give something back to society since so many honest people have helped me along the way.  I read in my church bulletin that there was a blood drive taking place and that all were welcome.  This was the perfect chance for me to do so.  When I was 21, I was involved in a horrible car accident and was a recipient of a blood transfusion.  It's something we take for granted while we're walking around this great earth until you actually need one.  I've often wondered who was the person behind the transfusion.  So here I am many years later wanting to return the favor.    

As I sat through my physical to determine eligibility, I started to feel really good about myself.  The nurse called me over and told me to lie down on the table so she could proceed.  She went on and on how beautiful my veins were and that the blood was just pouring out of me like iced tea out of a pitcher(my words).  There were about about three other people around me also donating blood.  I was fine just doing my thing and minding my own business until I began to hear heavy breathing.  What the heck?  The guy next to me was starting to panic so I tried to ignore him.  One of the nurses ran over there in a panic and all soon followed.  There I am getting blood sucked out of me at record pace and no one was around.  My mind wandered to an upcoming horror movie in which I am the star.  I can see the headline now: Girl turns white as blood is sucked from her body like a hungry vampire coming off a hunger strike.  It was my paranoia getting the best of me because the nurses were all so professional and nice.  To top it off, they boasted what a great patient I was and never would've guessed I was a novice.  Before I knew it there were seven people surrounding me with all eyes fixated on my arm.  I felt like celebrity. 

It was a strange but exciting experience today.  They said you lose a pound when you give blood so I went right over to get some tacos and replenish myself!  If you haven't done it... then consider it.  Some day you may need the help!!

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  • That's great~ they say you save three lives every time you donate, making the process extra tolerable. :)

  • they could save a lot more lives if they allowed homosexual men to donate! Very sad, people have to die because of bigotry and ignorance!

  • In reply to chicagodaniel:

    Yep, totally true. I've personally been turned down a number of times for crazy a cold, low iron count, and a recent surgery...and with all the other exceptions they list, I'm surprised they get as much blood as they do.

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