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Find Your Boundaries And Responsibility

Most people have to claim Responsibility for their Life to have one. Someone designed the physical – others agreed, but the person and their creators have to grow it. Two people had a baby. It will have to learn to grow in the human physical world. There is a saying ‘I put you into this... Read more »

Find Patience And A Course of Action

Origin of Patience There is a story about an old man who had an Idea “To Fix Things,” and he kept the idea because it was Powerful and Meaning-ful for that time of Existence. The Idea was kept flat without Life because Life and Life funding was desolate and corrupt, and just the idea was... Read more »

Find Yourself

Finding Yourself would seem simple because you are there, and you are you. You’re Found. But remember that social entanglements and directions you pursue may distract you from: 1) Checking your overall interests and solving inner mutinies; 2) Spending basic time to Be and Center; 3) Trying new things; 4) Revisiting projects that would mean... Read more »

Find The Quiet

In our hectic lives it is difficult to find the quiet. I have to learn to stop, go my own way as a separate individual, clear my senses and patterns of behavior. Following are some suggestions. There are many more. Find Clear Thinking and the Infinite Sky >Sit outside where you have a view of... Read more »

Thinking + Communication: In Society

Options If all of the world is a stage, how many productions do you want to produce and attend? And as an individual how many involvements do you want? What is feasible? What and why do you direct? What do you take direction for and why? As an individual or as a collaborative person, what... Read more »

Thinking + Communication: To God

God You have to remember that God is Perfection, or an Idea of Perfection, to treat It with the right accord. Take time to be or think about what is Perfect. There are those things that Are, and those things that Are Perfect, and those things that Have and Show Perfection in Action. Your response... Read more »

Thinking + Communication: Divine

Ideal The First thing to remember is that God is an idea of what is ideal. Those that are Gods are intercessors to the Ideal – to the extent they resonate with and as God the Ideal. Consistency The Second thing to remember is that a consistent ideal outranks a sporadic one. Why? Because Life... Read more »

Thinking + Communication: Individual

Thinking and Communication for the Individual equates to: 1) Translating what is going on Inner and Outer 2) Evaluating a plan of action, appropriate conversation, and what to do next 3) Acting, Talking, and Doing what is next 4) Coordinating visits, Recounting memories and Sharing future dreams and plans Inner Inner Thought allows people to... Read more »

Thinking + Communication: Couples

Individually and as a society, communication is one of the most important things that we both value and try to run away from. “I want to communicate across the planet” – “I avoid telling you how it went last night.” Sometimes we have to swap our priorities, set aside our formal business, and take care... Read more »

Infinity and Eternity (3)

Why Build Eternity is/are the reserves you have to outlast attack against you. Build with consistency and others will not know that isn’t your usual self. Eternity is your diverse nature, personality, body skills, soul and awareness response to living and life across. Tend and grow your Eternity always. Infinity is your connection to control... Read more »