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Focus On Health, Part 2

Health is found or re-found by fixing or minimizing the problems you already have, and by building an effective approach to fixing new problems. Health is maintained by keeping an effective Life approach to Life and Death issues. PROACTIVE not REACTIVE Put your focus and efforts on what you are working to get to, and... Read more »

Focus On Health, Part 1

Health means vibrancy, stamina, awake, discipline, and adaptability. Health is a constantly growing benchmark that grows with your Life and lifestyle. CHECK Health entails the dedication to check on it. Those of you that have house pets know you have to check to see if they have been fed, walked, pet and talked to. Health... Read more »

Focus on Solidarity and Discord

Benefits of Solidarity, or working Together ● All or most involved agree. ● Solidarity has the weight to make sweeping changes in yourself or in society with specific agreement. ● There is no backlash or hate crime to the agreement. All agreed, so all are happy – or moderately happy – to the result. ●... Read more »

Focus on Full-Range Living

Some people have to, or choose to, live part-time. They are definitive in their decisions and actions. Nonetheless, putting in the full-time commitment of living provides a comprehensive perspective on Life. TIME +Part-time people know appointments, specific timing, and the pat-down to make it happen. +Full-time people know how long it really takes to do... Read more »

Life’s Story: Potem and Life and Death

Potem said, “We weren’t smart, we wanted to move and communicate. We wanted to hug and sit like simple yogi’s.” “We didn’t know how to do things. We had enthusiasm for action, new things, and new Life and Death things. We didn’t want to hurt anything but we didn’t want to keep it. Because the... Read more »

Life’s Story (=): Life and Death Journey

It said, “Born where I am from Elitist upbringing… You are from stature and effort.” The other said, “Somewhere not known – somewhere the mystery is kept safe of what you said, what you thought; Somewhere it did not matter because it was not your somewhere. It did not hear the ripple of your word... Read more »

Find Your Work

Personal Projects • Evaluate what personal and social skills you are lacking, and would be beneficial for you to work on both individually and socially. Work them. • Contemplate what activities put you and your agendas in Balance. Pursue them organically or by a weekly or daily schedule – whichever is constructive to you. •... Read more »

Find, Make, Spend, Save Time and Timelessness

Make Time Internally delineate. Be conscious of what you need and want to do. Translate that as a normal part of your priorities. Check to see if it is 1) Legal, 2) Humane, 3) Moral, 4) Ethical, 5) Fine. If yes, you are right to continue. Do what you want to do, or that which... Read more »

Find Your Expression

Say What You Mean Many of us get so caught up being amenable or watching what is going on, we forget to participate and pitch in our opinions. At other times we are waylaid by the repeated oppression by a person or situation we can’t find an answer to. At those times we need to... Read more »

Find The Living Peace

Most of us don’t think we have the time to be at peace. But what we don’t realize is the destruction of time we spend not dealing with ourselves and our problems. An unresolved problem can rot you to your core, put you in mortal danger, and make all your other progress worth nothing. Eat... Read more »