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Our Responsibilities are based on the Evolutionary Expectations of ALL, and our Evolutionary Agreement to meet their Expectations.  The ALL represents the many sections of LIFE that meet to Live and Die Together; To Make Laws Together; To Collaborate for Knowledge; and To Get Educated. Our Responsibilities in Life are to participate in the group... Read more »


DEPENDENT OR INDEPENDENT The first Question is are you a Dependent or Independent? If you are a Dependent, is that a natural aspect to you, your disposition, and your way currently? If it is not natural, and far overdue to be changed, you should learn to change it. This entails figuring out What and Why independence Is,... Read more »


YOUR CREATOR STANDING 1. Your Responsibility FOR the Universe = IT is based on: A) How much of IT morphed from you and is traceable; B) How much you knowingly created IT, all assessed; C) And How much you want to control IT, based on you are that way, or based on you have takeover problems. D) If you resonate... Read more »


WORK Do the best you can with your work, relationships, and play. Do the best you can comfortably envision and afford. Your work should look like it was finely crafted or precisely machined – that time, care, precision and signature quality were included. Pay attention to details, specs, what was and is requested, what was... Read more »


LAW-ABIDING Responsibility is about learning what is socially acceptable in your society, so that you can be a law-abiding (cognizant & obedient) citizen. You need to learn what laws apply generally, and what laws specifically apply to your behavior, so that you correct your behavior. You also need to learn what behavior people consider socially... Read more »


You as You What you did – especially what you meant to do…was is will be your Responsibility. What you contributed to…was is will be your Responsibility. What happened, by your portion…was is will be your Responsibility. What you didn’t mean to do, was not your problem, but someone else’s that thought it might be... Read more »

Questions: When Where Do Does Did

Where have we always known? Where do people learn? Why? Who teaches them? Where is it sunny always? Where does the forever celestial galaxy sky start? Where does it end? How does it maintain itself? Where do people go to? Where do they come from? Where do they congregate, socialize and grow? When does it... Read more »

Questions – Have, Has, Had, Have, Will Have

HAVE and HAVE NOT Why have we nothing we wanted? Why are the rules unobtainable? Who wrote them? Did they want Oligarchy? Did they want 2 classes of people? 1) Those that have and 2) Those that don’t. What do the Haves have? They have the Power to Control things related to their interests. How... Read more »

Questions About Change

When does it all start? When does this part end? Who wrote this thing? What were they thinking? Do they know there is anyone else? Did they check? Or did they just project a part of themselves and see themselves on EvErything, as Everything controlling everything? It, She, He, They are not everything. Everything is... Read more »

Questions of Malcontent, Blame & Discord

MALCONTENT What if I was unhappy? What made unhappy? Could you pay for that? Could you fix it? Better yet, could I fix it (?) and I wouldn’t need you at all. Some, I need you some. What if I was happy? Would you be happy so we could share? But if I was unhappy,... Read more »