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Life's Story (^^): Creator of Fun

THE MATTER Moderator: “Is it possible that you were the first nature?” DRYL: “Yes, like a ‘n’ and a ‘–>’” Moderator: “So you build that or you are that?” DRYL: “A little of both. I build those and finally I’m a butt that lays the ground.” Moderator: “Do those relate to body, and are they... Read more »

Life's Story (>>): By Myself, I

The brown-haired man said, “I was scraping to get by. I lifted my face and hands which were new, and I was scraping bone, which was yelling at me to stop it. They had put this life in mine by “mistake.” (The kid never had to account. He, this squirrely Black kid with 1 1/2... Read more »

Life’s Story (B): About Beginning

Ed: “I was. I wanted to be so I guess I’m not first.” Beginning: “I was a puck. I was a pellet you could fit in your hand.” Moderator: “How did you get to be a puck?” Ed + Beginning: “We didn’t know.” Moderator: “Is Mikl first?” Mikl showed up five minutes later and spoke:... Read more »

Life's Story (Past to Future): The Father of All Things

My Start “I started, and I thought ‘I’m not first,’ but I was told I was, so I went with it. I would be the First to fly, the First to have sex, and the First generally.” “I decided to take the name Generally and see if I could have some quiet time to think.... Read more »

Life's Story (^ >): I Want To Be cont.

The moderator said, “Life was?” “Contentious,” Bug-Ed said. One of the characters (Unmentionables) decided he was an animal, took over and ate the others. Finally he ate me and I had to pay attention. I situated a new start that included him and put me in charge a million years. He mellowed and was a... Read more »

Life's Story (^ >): I Want To Be

“Before I was a thinking thing I was a kicking thing,” Bug-Ed said. “What were you before? How did things coalesce?” the moderator said. “You run around and grab the matter. It is you,” Bug-Ed said. The moderator said, “Is the matter yours and how is it like you?” “It (the matter) is from light... Read more »

Life's Story (2M-1): Moderator

The Moderator said, “Do you know how much work it is to make an environment where you can heal back to perfect? And you, the many, keep destroying the environment and those dedicated to it, as well as the being-doing that conceptualized it. We are more than we look.” They said, “What is perfect? Nothing... Read more »

Life's Story (2M): Children of the Man and Twi

They said, “Why do you barrage us with what we couldn’t do? Children just born, us, were set to stop. We didn’t have heredity. We are from Twi. We bumped into live fragments of the explosion – beings that willingly exploded because they were due payback based on killing. They are like Ham. Ham lead... Read more »

Life's Story (2): Narc and the Body

When Things Lie Down As it got quiet, two people started talking, a kid and his body parent. Narc said, “I wonder what they’ll think?” Body said, “The same things they always do.” The Body The larger body construct was moving. The Body said, “Look at those Girls…” He snapped a picture of three nude... Read more »

Life's Story (Before 0): Harmony

First Many The many Stick Men shuffled around. They belonged together and apart. They authored the sound of a wood and brick xylophone when they hit the floor and each other. They were happy to be alike and to be individuals. Their leader was more emotional than the rest. He sponsored their will-to-be from the... Read more »