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Logic and Organization: Get

Where Do I Put the Things I Get? I get information, which I organize and store to retrieve and put back, and organize and store. I get inferences and information, that tell the way things are and work, which I store carefully for my own assessment and rebuttal. I get attention for the great and... Read more »

Light and Darkness: What is Feasible?

What is Feasible in the Light? INSIDE Inside we are capable of being awake, thinking, living and growing. Life runs different systems and the different systems run support for complex living. Inside you will find the immune system which outgrows its enemies, the organ system which holds and pads wiring, skin and bones that cover... Read more »

Light and Darkness: What Are Our Settings?

This series addresses what is valuable in the Light and Darkness. How much Light and how much Darkness do you or I want to live with? There are the answers we each tell ourselves, relative to our upbringing and personal preferences. Then there are the answers we tell each other, based on self-defense, stature and... Read more »

Light and Darkness: On and Not On

This series addresses what is valuable in the Light and Darkness. In a Room A room with the light on is great for reading, organizing and cleaning. It promotes activities with a sighted focus. A room with the light on signifies productivity to make use of the electricity it takes to light it. A room... Read more »

Light and Darkness: Grayscale

This series addresses what is valuable in the Light and Darkness. Black & White White is Life quality if it is intense light, such as a bright band or an infinite expanse.  White light includes all other colors and functions as different ranges of awake.  Flat white functions as a backdrop in the objective physical, and as... Read more »

What Is Religion For? Eternity

This series talks about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  Churches and religion are best known for dealing with questions of life, death and eternity.  Church ministers are trained to deal with most life and death cycle events.  A baby is born – it will be Baptized to clear away original sin... Read more »

What Is Religion For? Refuge

This series talks about the importance of religion in our lives and society.  Refuge is a really loaded word.  And to say that religion or churches provide the majority of refuge would be blasphemous.  But churches have a place to go think and confess what we have done.  There are many variations of this: +... Read more »

Puzzled (21): PERFECT

Puzzled (21): PERFECT
Every once in a while you know you are loved.  The outfit was perfect, it suited you.  The answer you were working on made sense.  The sunset amazed you on your way home.  Your other was happy and took you out. 1. What does perfect mean to you? 2. What does perfection mean? 3. When... Read more »

Puzzled (18): Empowerment

Puzzled (18): Empowerment
QUOTES “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” - Alfred L. Tennyson Author:  Is it better to be challenged and not know the way, or to have the way clear and meet no one? ‘Just Do It’ – Nike Ad Agency Author:  What do you want? EMPOWERMENT QUESTIONS 1. How... Read more »

Advice for Kids of All Ages (8): CARE... AND DON'T

Having a complex society requires people who care, and people who set necessary boundaries.  In order for a large number of people to live close safely, people have to care enough about themselves to not fight.  They also have to care enough about others to help those who forget, need help, or lose their way. ... Read more »