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There was a time when the Universe converged to figure out all its Problems and all its Answers. They were Educated and predominately prepared for the trouble-shootIng difficulties. They could Keep Up and Build along the way.  They were Ready and Defended against most things, Diversely. But not Everything knew Everyone, and not Everyone knew... Read more »


YOUR CREATOR STANDING 1. Your Responsibility FOR the Universe = IT is based on: A) How much of IT morphed from you and is traceable; B) How much you knowingly created IT, all assessed; C) And How much you want to control IT, based on you are that way, or based on you have takeover problems. D) If you resonate... Read more »

Questions: When Where Do Does Did

Where have we always known? Where do people learn? Why? Who teaches them? Where is it sunny always? Where does the forever celestial galaxy sky start? Where does it end? How does it maintain itself? Where do people go to? Where do they come from? Where do they congregate, socialize and grow? When does it... Read more »

Questions of Import and Value

Who made Everything? Who was First? Who was Second and Third? Who invented Living? Who invented Death? Who wanted More? Who wanted to Stay? Who wanted to Leave and Return Back? Who fell to Bad Habits? Who maintained Great Hereditary? Who saved the Universe? Who killed it? Who earned their way? Who Deferred to everyone... Read more »

Questions About Change

When does it all start? When does this part end? Who wrote this thing? What were they thinking? Do they know there is anyone else? Did they check? Or did they just project a part of themselves and see themselves on EvErything, as Everything controlling everything? It, She, He, They are not everything. Everything is... Read more »

Focus on Full-Range Living

Some people have to, or choose to, live part-time. They are definitive in their decisions and actions. Nonetheless, putting in the full-time commitment of living provides a comprehensive perspective on Life. TIME +Part-time people know appointments, specific timing, and the pat-down to make it happen. +Full-time people know how long it really takes to do... Read more »

Find, Make, Spend, Save Time and Timelessness

Make Time Internally delineate. Be conscious of what you need and want to do. Translate that as a normal part of your priorities. Check to see if it is 1) Legal, 2) Humane, 3) Moral, 4) Ethical, 5) Fine. If yes, you are right to continue. Do what you want to do, or that which... Read more »

Find The Living Peace

Most of us don’t think we have the time to be at peace. But what we don’t realize is the destruction of time we spend not dealing with ourselves and our problems. An unresolved problem can rot you to your core, put you in mortal danger, and make all your other progress worth nothing. Eat... Read more »

Find Patience And A Course of Action

Origin of Patience There is a story about an old man who had an Idea “To Fix Things,” and he kept the idea because it was Powerful and Meaning-ful for that time of Existence. The Idea was kept flat without Life because Life and Life funding was desolate and corrupt, and just the idea was... Read more »

Thinking + Communication: Individual

Thinking and Communication for the Individual equates to: 1) Translating what is going on Inner and Outer 2) Evaluating a plan of action, appropriate conversation, and what to do next 3) Acting, Talking, and Doing what is next 4) Coordinating visits, Recounting memories and Sharing future dreams and plans Inner Inner Thought allows people to... Read more »