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FOR YOURSELF There are Things You Don’t Know and Weren’t Taught – these things you are only Partially Responsible for, but not wholly – you have a partial reprieve.  There are Manipulations In Your Life that were Set Up Before Your Time for better or for worse that You are Not Responsible for.  Separately, the... Read more »


WORK Do the best you can with your work, relationships, and play. Do the best you can comfortably envision and afford. Your work should look like it was finely crafted or precisely machined – that time, care, precision and signature quality were included. Pay attention to details, specs, what was and is requested, what was... Read more »


LAW-ABIDING Responsibility is about learning what is socially acceptable in your society, so that you can be a law-abiding (cognizant & obedient) citizen. You need to learn what laws apply generally, and what laws specifically apply to your behavior, so that you correct your behavior. You also need to learn what behavior people consider socially... Read more »

Puzzled (1): Quandaries & Enigmas

Puzzled (1): Quandaries & Enigmas
PUZZLE Print and find all the words that are related to Quandary and Enigma. DEFINITIONS A Quandary is a state where you are uncertain of the option you are going to choose; also known as a dilemma. Source: An Enigma is something that cannot be easily deciphered. This may include a riddle, puzzle or... Read more »

Vote for Outer Space Settlement

+ What if we started a program that opened up all our options? + What if we had a future to plan for, and get excited about? + What if we had new technology to research? + What if we had new territory to map and settle? + What if we had new products to... Read more »