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Thinking + Communication: Individual

Thinking and Communication for the Individual equates to: 1) Translating what is going on Inner and Outer 2) Evaluating a plan of action, appropriate conversation, and what to do next 3) Acting, Talking, and Doing what is next 4) Coordinating visits, Recounting memories and Sharing future dreams and plans Inner Inner Thought allows people to... Read more »

Thinking + Communication: Couples

Individually and as a society, communication is one of the most important things that we both value and try to run away from. “I want to communicate across the planet” – “I avoid telling you how it went last night.” Sometimes we have to swap our priorities, set aside our formal business, and take care... Read more »

Infinity and Eternity (3)

Why Build Eternity is/are the reserves you have to outlast attack against you. Build with consistency and others will not know that isn’t your usual self. Eternity is your diverse nature, personality, body skills, soul and awareness response to living and life across. Tend and grow your Eternity always. Infinity is your connection to control... Read more »

Infinity and Eternity (2)

Definitions Review INFINITY is the outer from now to forever continuity. ETERNITY is the forever growth inner. Infinity Expanded Infinity is what is possible, and what is possibly possible –with or without effort. An individual’s Infinity is: 1) what he/she/it is capable of 2) what he/she/it sets in motion to happen 3) how adaptable he/she/it... Read more »

Infinity and Eternity (1)

Definitions INFINITY is the outer from now to forever continuity. ETERNITY is the forever growth inner. Infinity and Eternity should be kept in Balance, almost even, for a learned civilized society. Each individual should keep this Balance based on interest. Those preoccupied with outer expansion and building should keep a stronger Infinity. Those preoccupied with... Read more »

Intermission: Stretch (2)

+ Stretch your arms and hands up to touch the sky. Stretch your fingers to touch the sky. (Repeat 3 times.) + Stretch back and arch your back, then stretch forward and touch your toes. (You can do this sitting or standing. Try both.) When standing take the time to stretch the backs of your... Read more »

INTERMISSION: Past>Present>Future

1) Draw your Past: 2) Draw your Present: 3) Draw your Future: 4) Point yourself in the direction of your Future. 5) Make your Present count positively. 6) Make your Past experiences serve your Present and Future positively and effectively. 7) Your Present is Here and Now. 8) And your Future is in a minute,... Read more »

Life's Story (^^): Creator of Fun

THE MATTER Moderator: “Is it possible that you were the first nature?” DRYL: “Yes, like a ‘n’ and a ‘–>’” Moderator: “So you build that or you are that?” DRYL: “A little of both. I build those and finally I’m a butt that lays the ground.” Moderator: “Do those relate to body, and are they... Read more »

Life's Story (>>): By Myself, I

The brown-haired man said, “I was scraping to get by. I lifted my face and hands which were new, and I was scraping bone, which was yelling at me to stop it. They had put this life in mine by “mistake.” (The kid never had to account. He, this squirrely Black kid with 1 1/2... Read more »

Life’s Story (B): About Beginning

Ed: “I was. I wanted to be so I guess I’m not first.” Beginning: “I was a puck. I was a pellet you could fit in your hand.” Moderator: “How did you get to be a puck?” Ed + Beginning: “We didn’t know.” Moderator: “Is Mikl first?” Mikl showed up five minutes later and spoke:... Read more »