1. Know, Accept, Believe, Promote, Welcome, Nurture that there is a FUTURE to Be Proud Of, To Do Everything You Thought was, AND Wanted To Be Positively Possible.

2. Leave (an) ALLOWANCE for Everyone's version and variations of Great LIFE Positive Possibility. Pursue Yours with Dilligence, Confidence, Assurance, Conciousness, and Conscientiousness.

3. Dynamically Drive Co-Creating the LIFE and Death FUTURE that You And Everyone And Everything Chose, Are Choosing, And Will Be the BEST CHOICE(S) for the LONGTERM.

4. Choose Care and Concern of Others And Self_ Choose_ Wisely, Great Wisdom, Ideal Godliness, An Ideal Godself You Live, Believe In, that is Compatible And Based In True Reality. Choose A Humanity that is Humane And Life-Affirming, And A Rainbow Life that is Diverse And Balanced.


1. It Matters. Everyone And Everything Matters. Everything that happens affects Everything Else, And the BALANCE of Results, Justice, Forgiveness, Patience, Preciseness, Accepting the Reality Physics And Coordination, Cause And Effect, Action_Inaction, Call And Respond, Healing IS NOTED, OBSERVED, SOUGHT AFTER AND IMPLIMENTED.

2. LIFE is for LIVING and Learning_ LIFE is for Development, Culmination of Ideas and Ideals, God and Human Experiences. Make the Most of IT. STOP DESTROYING, Denigrating, Prejudicing WHAT IS OF Community and MUTUAL BENEFIT. You have choices over what is yours. You Do Not Have Choices over what is Not Yours.


1. Re-Invest Time In Government And Governing. Re-Affirm Your U.S. Citizenship, Your VOTING And Public Influence to Work On Government And Public Representation.

2. Re-Invest In Public Education_ K-12, College, Trade Schools. Educate In the Basics And Professions that Are TO Predominate In the FUTURE. Consider that more than half of us will embark on the HUMANE Physical Space Age, Which will mean INDUSTRIES in SPACE TRAVEL, PLANET And SUN building And development. (©2011-2013-2019 Proposal for A Public Outer Space Program, NSF Grants #)

3. Re-Invest In Businesses (Materials, Technology, Know-How) WHICH SUPPLY SPACE TRAVEL And SPACE LIVING.

4. Re-Invest In Idealism, Ideas, Ideal Ideology, Inventing, Inventions, Innovation, NEW AND OLD IDEAS OF THE BEST FUTURE.







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