There was a time when the Universe converged to figure out all its Problems and all its Answers. They were Educated and predominately prepared for the trouble-shootIng difficulties. They could Keep Up and Build along the way.  They were Ready and Defended against most things, Diversely.

But not Everything knew Everyone, and not Everyone knew Everything, so that no one had a complete Map Of Survival. But Everything was known In Total by the Diverse populations and things that had researched them.  So, if all Information were put together, or evaluated together, the job would be completely decided and differentiated.

Evil and a Large culture of Evil as Evil Black and White People had been in Mercenary Power and Subservient Power to give fallen obeisance to situations of Death Networks, Possession and Icon Hedonism. Most of the populations had to personally give just acknowledgement to_ 1) historically overwhelming odds; 2) Body Culture Abandonment from their early Ancestors; 3) Betrayal, Confusion and Despair.  They needed to find the profile of what could be, rather than tell about the shape of the past to the present.

Sports were played to make money, keep morale and sanity. Those Involved Checked on the Answers in between Sports Commitments. All the Answers were Discusse, Debated and Known. And then came the Day when Most of the Pending Questions and Answers were Addressed, And It Felt like the Future Fell Off.......

The Reactionary Answers had been Addressed; the Pro--Active Answers were Relevant to Sort_

1) There were Lifestyle Models of How To Proceed_ that had recently been had been raped, pillaged and partially killed. They were trying to return back to the Expansive American Commerce, and Home and Apartment Developments, that had won awards for Best American Dream Environment in a Long Time.

2) There were ideas to rebuild Government, Cities, Education and the Job Market. They had intermittent support due to Seasonal Life and Original Dependent Agendas. LIFE control was willed, and it wasn't ITSELF as much as it should have been.  Spoiled Creations from the OrIgIn had ruled and mid-used leadership power always, but their families were sensItive enough to let the Life Cycle get back, while they would chase it back to a waiting or intermittent Death Status.

3) There were to be new Opportunities If Assemblies of Different People and Things would Gather to Discuss the Present and Future. They would know what was important variously and to agree to Options Forward.

Intermittently many things just stayed or Sat where the Future Fell Off to enjoy the lack of work and the uncommitted Life. New People would show up all the time invigorated that the workwas done, and there was nothing to do.

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