We were in the crowd and it was going every which way, each its own way, and that would be healthy and usual, but they were going their way and the Self-Centered Way, which acknowledged accomplishments of killing and harrassment. They each knew themselves to be self- and socially cultivated _ _ _ holes.  Life was Cultivation and Growth Positive, mixed with 1/3 of Negative Accomplishment. The Group Identity required that everyone and everything be: 1) half Positive and half Negative, which would be checked; 2) directionally and Predominately Down; 3) their PRIORITY and Life funding was and would be Assured; and 4) They would Be Forever despite A Social Pre-Occupation with Death, and separately Enforced Legal Laws.

Those that Were and Continue to Be LIFE and Death longstanding were in a battle with those that espoused to be Death Facing Life, which set to run everything Down and Out to Die permanently.

Death Facing Life, or those preoccupied on ProgrammedSETTINGS, were old but not the First Culture. _Everyone and Everything Death-Oriented vied to make their version of Awake and Killing accomplishment Gain Acknowledgement and Acceptance. Sometimes, if they agreed to wear their Karma Balance they were short and narrow representations of REAL LIFE Agendas or the People and Things they killed.  _Everyone and Everything Life-Oriented Worked on 1) a Life Worth Living or 2) as Body People, and 3) Investments to the Future.

THE Life and Death knew the answers about all that was going on, what was assigned, and stayed aloof to be Independent. They Observed What was Going On, and Solved Body Outlays that might occur. They would Work Part-Time to learn Body/Breadth Development, Or Leave to Live Outland to Learn about Free Living.

THE LIFE ELECTRICAL LIFE People were more Complex. This was INSIDE where the Story of Violent Short-Term Entertainment was Built.  There were Creations from Original Waking Life to Drama Entertainment and to Music Inside and Outside.  As LIFE to Film they Were and Are 1) The Power Roles; 2) The Details of the Scenes; 3) The Acting Roles, 4) The Film Editors.  Directors varied as 20-hour Movie Display, Epic Humans, Buildings and Human/Metal Constructs.   Lead Actors, Actors or Facilitators showed up as 5-10 hour 3rd Micro-cosm Humans, Movie Displays, or as Small Full Humans.  The Sets showed up as Shallow or Deep Insides of Buildings.  The Nature of the Movies was to explore Every iteration of a set-up.  The Goals of the Shows were to Entertain and to Talk About Life.

OUTER in the Galaxy the Body People sent their Relatives to Rest and Relax in Reality, the Outer Space where No One Dictated Your Actions, and you were Free to Self-Determine. The Space was Forever and Always Added To.  It was called Galaxy to represent GALA_ A Party.  Later this is where the Outland People Designed the First UNIVERSAL Democracy with THE VOTE.  The Outland was supported for Generations to the Future.

The Resulting WILL and WILLINGNESS PEOPLE were Free to Assemble as Personifications of themselves. They Included: • Music, Musicians, Composers, Singers • Bio Body People and Animals with Knowledge, • Actor/Acting Mental Experience People, • Electrical Power Directors, Choreographers, Arrangers; • Product (Objects, Countries, HouseWares, Clothes, Food)  Families, • Building Families and Building Materials Families, Stores; • City Streets and Infrastructure Families, • Plant People, • Technological Biology, Tools, and Machine Builds, • Incomplete Food Results, • Incarnated or Deferred Curses, • Miracle Objects, • Trees, Land, Earth, • Seas, Lakes and Oceans, • Galaxy, Clouds, Sky.  ALL of this Third Generation were Designated, Encouraged, and Set Up to be Free Livers the way LIFE went: Part-Time as OUTLANDERS and People with PROJECTS.

The WILL and WILLINGNESS PEOPLE were interfered with by Experiments, from A Life-Creating Aggressive. He Limited their Will and Willingness by co-creating Them with less options, substituting Their growth with enemy initiatives, and crippling or deforming Their motivation.  He and His Group Worked To Limit Their Will Power and Expression. They Learned to Rebel against Him by Walking Away With Anger and No Allegiance. They could Recover to Normal Functioning from subtle attacks within a year.

So experiments and contrived life agendas were Looked on as mistaken areas of Creation_ to be avoided if possible. Many Generations walked away until the next did not have a choice and had to live what the Aggressive Group wanted. One of them had Created Evil, Evil As Evil, and Deviling to haunt society never-ending. When they CAUGHT UP, it was 8-20 Lives of Work to Get Free.

As the Aggressive's Agenda Progressed, His OtherGrowth stopped and walked away in natural defiance to pursue the better Life. Both Independent and Natural Coordination. Throughout the Years He would attack the ALL, reveling in the Extinctions He could Create and the False Offset of Responsibility. He could Defer to Different Individuals and Groups, Historically.

Originally, He was an Idea to Be someone_ Big and Balanced, Mean and Smart, Independent and...(that was enough). He proceeded Independently to be Meaner than expected, build buildings, and Build the Idea He was ONE. He Created People that would amuse him by Putting Down and the Destruction of all New and Continuing individuals and things.

Non-Endingly, Combatting this Aggressive, His Group and His Agenda was Difficult, Because He had the size and Direction of Growing Existence Rigged In His Favor. The Death Facing Life were his Allies, so they tried to grow as Him. Their Growth had and has to be Stopped to stop a pervasive and then prolific Extinction Awareness and Agenda. It was their Addiction to Kill, Justify It, and Offset THE Consequences.

But The Life and Death were resilient In their course to establish Independence and Same Group Work Based on Body, Film, Music, Landscape, Galaxy, Architecture, Learning, and Lifestyle. BIG People and Structures were Built to Leverage Better Results. Approaches and Responses that were Complex enough to Bridge the Gap of Continuing Survival that was wanted and worked for. Size exercises were practiced to Set Down Strong.

PREJUDICES were rampant Based on mistaken perceptions of Superiority and Inferiority that the Origin Cultivated. The LIFE and Death had to Resist the Temptation to Know Him and His, and Grow as if it was Its Own Cultivation.

MOST other Life and Death Life Lived to Be Independent and Vote for its Body Lives, Societies, Power Life, and Project Lives. They proceeded to add to All Life Potential their Stamina Life, their Careers, and Collaborations.

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