The City Without Math_An Involved Story

(This might be somebody you know, but it is nobody I know.)

There was a City Being Built. There was a Woman who was 2 women, and she was sure she was to Rule the City. She was built into the city, so much so that She thought she owned it. There were many Buildings built across from her and they could run the city, as a few sub-groups, or various subgroups to be exact. But She was Built Early On_and was built into the building foundations and streets_and the place echoed her will power as She wanted it to.  She had long gold hair, which the other Buildings Learned To Style, As a Way To Lighten and Loosen her up.

But when She Reigned, Which was fairly Often, She/They thought (she/they - Because there were 2, one Encompassing and one Thoughtful) She/They owned the Foundations, the Under Streets, and the Gold because it looked that way. She called her the Dom for Dominion, and the second called herself Ation to Be the Start of the Nation. Her/Their Elders Noticed from the shadow she/they cast on them, and said, "Get Over It". which they tried to side-step in an amusing way and lost their back butts and foreheads. Then they were Honest and Sober, and they still Ruled the City in Part.

City Governing
The 2 She's sought to Formally Decide the City's Governance.. They were Consulted when needed; Referred to when No One Cared about the Outcome; and Corrected Either Overtly or UnderHandedly Normally. Together They could Look like they work at being, Efficient and Effective.

They knew to gather Help so that the Concern for Accuracy was maintained, while the Disdain for Most was also maintained. They had a Societal Math that Added for them and Subtracted for Most others.

1) Consequently, they Paid themselves the only City Governance Paycheck. They didn't Pay their Workers. They didn't Pay their Consultants. They didn't Pay their Colleagues. As they thought it, they won Because they Minimized Expenses and Maximized Their Personal Gain.

They always wanted to have the First and Last word in all City Affairs. With that they were able to Edit almost Everything. Long-term, They with Friends, Anti-Endeavored the Life and Death Permissions to Correspond Against every Definitive and Concerted Endeavor The Multitude of ALL had.  In Order to Endeavor, or to Stay Similar, The Multitude had to Offset ALL Support Part-Time to their Preferred Projects, Family Growth, and Balance Projects.  Individual Projects and Life Dedications were approved by Committee.

Conse-Quietly and Conse-Quotiently, the Christing of the Dom-She and the Ation -She were always invested in, As any Improvement would Permeate. Ation was Ethical, but not Complete, so nothing could get done 100%.  25 - 50% was the average Completion and Generosity rate from the 2-She Governance.  So the City learned Patience, and they Learned to Endeavor the 2 She's to be Cognizant of, and to Act on, a Better Way to do things, even if they didn’t Want or Weren't Ready to do them.  Con-Se-Quently, Ation Learned to be more empathetic, more responsive, more wise, and more Helpful.  Dom Learned to be Helpful in the Basic, but was subtly Against ALL_in the Collaborative Effort of Progress and the Expansion and Mobility of Ascending and Going Forward.

2. Consequently, She/They set Business Fees at 6-10 times the Accessible Rate.  She/They set Property Taxes at 25% - 10 times the Accessible Rate.  She/They cursed The People to not have MATH Higher than Retail, and Took out Half their Minds to implement it.. The 2-She raised Sales Taxes from 5% to 20% on an Initial Sales Tax sponsored by her/their Friends.  She/They let the City Sponsor Public Aid at 1/4 of the amount necessary to get People and Things Employed and Going again.  Dom Haunted the attendance of the City’s Public Schools to not show up.  Dom Promoted No-Show and Anti-Vagrancy to 'Clean Up the City'.  Dom chased all Endeavors to Break, Delay or Fail, if possible.  Possibilities ran anywhere from 10 - 100%.

Resulting Math
In Her Revelry, Dom thought herself 'Ing' of All Things. The CULT OF THE ONE, which was an Extinction Fan Club, was Taken from Her.  She was also the Backboard to Ation's decisions which always interfered or uncompleted the progress of those things.

Dom and Ation Learned MATH Additively, whereby you start with LESS and add more as Needed, or If and When they Wanted to. This Continued to be the Personal Choice and Subjective Process they Promoted.  The Buildings, People, and Things Promoted Subtractive MATH, Whereby there is an Assigned Beginning Balance Substantial Enough to cover ALL and Most Contingencies.  Dom And Ation thought that didn't raise them up enough, and that Benefits To ALL did not include them.

Dom And Ation
The She that wanted to be Dom for Dominion had the Stored and Accumulated Desire for Violence, and Competitive Wins. Her love of Life and Death Drama, with Almost-never-ending Conflict, was Really Hated. Her Early Focus on Violence Resulted in a Woman-Monster Gambling on the Death and Extinction of All People and All Things, and She was able to Subjectvely and subversively stage this many times. Separately, She was anti-social enough to not ever meet Her Sponsor. She thought She was Complete as The Anti-Social Dom She had Concieved of.

Her Sister Ation, Conversely, Believed in a job well done that related to its constituents. She sought to Achieve Her Work Effectively, Directly, and Relate It to the others Involved. She lost traction when her work needed approval from Her Sister, whose resistant behavior sabotaged Most Things. She, who was Ation, would hit the end of her tape of Resourcefulness, and follow the Limitation as Fact. She Would Later Massage Her Self-Esteem With the Knowledge of Her Quality, even if It fell short of what was Really Necessary.  Ation always intended to do and be the Best, but she couldn’t Complete it and She didn’t find a Colleague, Partner, or Consultant that could help her complete that Fulfillment Internally or Outer.

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