In the Beginning Grey-Haired Multi-Life had A Brother that Betrayed them By Taking the job of Governing DEATH--the Entrance, the Exits, The Design, and Criteria. The Original Multi-Lives were shut out of Deep SLEEP and DEATH Renewal Options, and went PARTIALLY Insane.  Their Sleep and DREAM Options went to Duality Companions that interpreted Sleep as Either Permission For them to Accomplish Life and Death Evil, Or An Intense Active Sexy Deal.  This caused the Beginning Multi-Race to Be Influenced By The Dis-Order of their Lineage and History, To Have Evil Agendas that they didn't Mean to Have, To Also have Evil Mates that they couldn't Trust, And Finally to Be Divided Whereby Half were Alienated from Correction Agendas, that The Other Half had Supported Longstanding..

With the Lack of Free Mobility to Sleep, Die, and Renew. Dictates were made by some of the Grey Multi-Lives to not need sleep, Nor get any. This meant there was a Wrong that Could be policed by a collaborated set of self-righteous affiliates.  This Group extended all the way to this day to Harrass All other Races from Sleep.  They Encourage Theft when Possible as a Promotion and Warning to stay Awake.

The Relatives of the Brother that Governs Death's Door Always Researched a way to make it Benefit them and Devolve, Deficit and Demean Everyone Else. DEATH was made into a Pro-Active Sport to Kill Everyone Routinely and Decisively. They Promoted Killing to the Young and Naive, to the Old, and to ALL that were Interested. They tried to make DEATH THE Master or Manager of LIFE, Which Natural LIFE and Death would not allow. Mostly Natural LIFE and Death Dictated their own agendas, but intermittently the Pro-Active Death Groups would attack and interfere.

Separately Pro-Actve DEATH People would pay for Evil, Evil As Evil, and Death Threats. They would pay Reactively for Negative Accomplishments to anyone in THE population that requested Pay.  They would pay pro-Actively for killing and attacking projects they thought they would have minimal liability on.

In the Near-Beginning, Someone did Something and it caused an Effect. if the effect was great, it was claimed as 'I did that.' If the Effect was Indeterminant or Negative, then there was a Quandry of what to do, whether to claim a less-than-positive effect.  There was the idea to ignore and shrug the result, which meant either 'That was what it was' or 'I don't know'..... There was a more-subversive idea of sending the Lame RESULT to someone else to have to live with... This was an attack to enemies and a slight about stature from origin people to other people.  This Curse would go on until it was removed by petition man years later.

The Evolutionary Results of this Pass-Off, and many of this type, were:
1) Victimization of innocent people, to also be subjugated as soon as their problems started to mend fully, or when noticed;

2) Series of unhealthy reactions: entitlements, denials, ignorances, obliviousnesses, mis-alignments of physical sexual aims and mental aims for truths.

3) After multiple episodes of Pass-Off, the person sending had worse aim and full-scale ignorance. He had an attitude problem still based on denial which could be broken based on questioning sender about logistics or what happened separate to the Pass-Off.

Many years into the future LIFE was charted as being Primarily Positive and Contructive, not Destructive.

At that time Life and Death dedicated to Physicality was working on Bone Versatility and Stamina, Sight and Sense Acuity, Positive Full Functionality as a Group, and Positive Full Functionality as Individual People.

Old Means of Dealing with Things were Irrelevant.  After many Universal Decimations, it was possible to forget what didn't work and only use what worked.  Denial was dropped because When There is Nothing--There is Nothing, and it is annoying, inconvenient, and a lie to think otherwise.  Pass-Off wasn't needed because WHoever Destroyed Everything was Gloating, and there wasn't anyone of an Enemy-Type to send inconvenient things to.  One only had One's Self or their Friends.  Entitlement was Presumed by the destroyer, but Life and Death to Life Rallied to Research and OutLive the Difficulty.

Historically, a No-Fault Life was Lived by the Body People who maintained Will power, Willingness to Live, Back and Body Bone, Natural Electrical Spine People responsible for Feel, Direction, Right and Wrong assessment; Deciders: Front-facing, Back-facing-front, and Internal to Outer. Quality of LIFE, Life, Work, Rest, and DEATH were the Preoccupations.  To Survive the Negative Investments, many were Invested in Positive Almost No-Fault Lives.  Several Definitive No-Fault Investments were made in Original Soap Operas, To-Get-It-Right LifeWay,  Affiliates of The Light, Employees of Companies, Universal Government (The VOTE, Social Political), Novel-Writing, Light-As-Light-Lived (Blood and Light Life Support).

Historically, No-Fault was Accomplished by Quality Body Work as well-Defined Health and Diverse Activities. It was also the Method by which Intense Sensory, Muscle, Growth, Accuracy and Stamina were Grown and Refined.  No-Fault was the Sponsor of No-Fault Creative, No-Fault Truth, No-Fault Natures, and Almost No-Fault Reincarnation.


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