WHAT MAKES WHAT: Invest In The Future To Build Many

Many times you Know or Think “That Should…” “We Could…” “If We Could Only…” “No One Does That….”  These All signify that you, or many of you, have an answer that no one else does.  It might be a body of knowledge that only you think about, or an invention that you are wise to.  Revisit these Ideas.  Consider and Evaluate if they have long-term and definitive value as a Commercial Add-In or Invention.

There are Industries in Development, and Yet-To-Be that could be invested in for expanded Business Plans, Additional Market and Industry Positioning, and Innovative Concepts and Collaborations. Design_ Describe in Detail_ Estimate the Effort and Effect_ of New Investments in a Company, the Industry itself, and/or New Industries.  Evaluate Your Choices for Substantial Results.  Contact the Companies and/or Industry Leaders to Discuss.  Make a Proposal.  Agree to pay them for their Time and Integrity Commitment if you are serious and wish to protect your investment.  You will also want to pay them for your use of Company Materials or Consultants that Result in  Your Business Growth and Viability, as well as the True Explicit and Implicit Costs of the Venture for their Company.

Separately, much of the Future is invested in as Itself.  In the Present there are Trends discussed in popular Newspapers and Magazines.  The Discussion and revisiting of popular characterization restates excitement for the Ideas and their Development.  The Future is discussed as a Process in Progress. 

Science Fiction Story development tells about Universes we haven’t Lived Yet, but Believable Fictional Characters get the Opportunity to Live that Idea when you visit It, and perhaps Beyond.  That investment in the Future is in the production of Books, Stories, News that focus on the Future for Existentialism, Fulfillment of Future Purpose, and to Try a version of It on for Fit. 

Those in Industries “ Keep Going” in order to coordinate the decision-tree that is their Management Commitment to Grow their Job, Company, and Industry.  Much of the Future is made from Decisions that were made and are being made to Continue Progress, Meet Industry Demands, and Innovate a New Progress that is Interesting.  These are Current Commitments of Investment for the Future.

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