WHAT MAKES WHAT: Be Eco-Conscious So That The Ecology Is Optimal

Make sure your products are produced in the right conservative balance to the resources available. Don’t Estimate some out-of-range Present / Past / Future Design, Or Someone or Something will Bear the Load of an Exponential Product.  Be Legal.  Get Agreements with Terms of Work Conditions, Payment and Compensation.  This will prevent Lawsuits / Legal Liabilities and Proceedings.

Eat and Drug Right for your type. Do Not Eat Food or Use Chemicals that cause injury to you or The providers.  Use only what you are eligible for.  You could get injured in Body, Mind, Psyche and need to Repair, so choose Wisely.  If you are Required to not eat, keep up the practice and discipline.  Get Info and Advise yourself as to why and how to build a non-eating lifestyle.

Choose your friends and partners wisely. Choose people for the growth, interests, and the benefit they bring into your life.  Don’t Choose and Walk Away With those that are UnHealthy to and for you.  Don't Choose those that Can’t Be Trusted and Mis-Use Life and Death Resources and Results.  Mate for Partnership, Admiration and Love.  Date for Interest and Companionship.  Marry for long-term Relationship and Bonding.  Friendship for Variety, Activities and Knowledge.  Build your Cornocopia of Abundance and Connections.  Leave Behind, Forget, Grow Out Of your Paranoia, Anti-Social Habits and your Awkwardness.  Swan to adulthood, And leave behind the dark sight and wisdom, But stay astute.  Pick the Mate(s) and Match(es) that Augment(s) your Life, and for which you Augment their Life. 

Save and BeFriend Life Resources and Results. Save and Rejuvenate great viable things.  Help them ReClaim themselves to the Land-of-the-Living.  Recycle Useful, Viable and Willing Things.  Do Not Recycle those that take from the ecosystem and make it Weak, Unstable, or Struggling for Natural Life and Natural Death Viability.  Make decisions for smart long-term Livability.  Decide against Dissonance. And Decide against Self-Survivalists and Icons that like to build and look at their own power.  Promote Nature and Natural tendencies to fight and survive.  Demote and Fight against those that rule and enslave others.  Promote those that have a Vision and relate to the Present and Future.  Demote those that see themselves As the Future, or Envision and plan for No Future.

Only work where and when you know what You Are Doing. Get and Know the Terms and People you work for.  Limit it to what you Can do and Learn.  Limit it to what you Want to do.  Ask your Peers what they think.  Take time to Go Over Terms.  Some things take a year, a journey, and a Consultation with your Sponsor or Existence to Decide.  Take the Jobs that: 1) Add to your skills and resume, 2) that you can be proud of, 3) that add up to the work and long-term profession you want to have and pursue.  Ecologically, 1) Do what you are skilled and talented at hereditarily, 2) Do what you are Great at or Learnedly Skilled at, 3) Do what you have an Innovative Approach To or Innovative Ideas About, 4) Do what you feel strongly about, and righteously justified about for Change.

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