WHAT MAKES WHAT: Do What Is Before You To Do

Don’t Be Missing-In-Action To LIFE
You were built into the weave of Life and Death to have an Affect and to Be Effective. That weaving has places for your threads of Ideology, Effort, Action, and Life and Death Contribution.  You need to make your contributions to affect the Present and Future, so that your effort matches what was assigned to and for it -- its designated and organic potential.  Don’t be a Loss to your peer group and society.  It is not funny, not rewardable, and you become your own karma-earning pro-active devolve

Put Your Child In Its Place
Mature you and your child self.  Be sure your child self has the secondary import so that you don’t grow  backwards and down.  The child self is dependent and a drain on society, and never gives back more than it takes.  Be Mature so that you are a contributing member of society.  Give back where you have received plenty so that you and society can rejuvenate on it.

Learn Awareness
For every action there is that which is value-appreciative and gains way for the positive -- collaboration, synchronicity and harmony.  There may also be that which is negative -- in disharmony and destructive to progress.  Learn to build the harmonic and synchronistic.  Life-Building is various - slow to fast, easy and laborious, simple and complex.  Life Building takes time, resources and collaboration.  Destruction and its advocates have the easy self-assigned assignment of taking apart what is being built, recently built or valuable builds from the past. Life-Building requires Genius.  Destruction is sponsored by the simple, self-congratulating Negative.  Life Destruction attracts compulsive, addicted one-thought dependents that can’t always self-start or self-motivate, but self-maintain their libido on destructive results.  Life-Building requires Life and Death character, and it rewards its affiliates with greater Life and Death Tenacity, Stamina and Prolific Ability.

Eat Your Peas So That You Know How
Choose the difficult roads of progress some or most of the time, to know what they are, and to be prepared and wise.  Choose the easy roads when it makes sense.  The more it is natural to take the difficult road, the more all roads are easy to travel.  Learn to prefer: new things, different things, friends, strangers and Significant Others.  Embrace all things rather than reject them.  Do not reject what you don’t know; rather Be knowing and available To Act, Wait, and Learn. Be patient to Learn.  Be patient of the Learning of others.  Patience is Itself in All Ways, and is Abundance.  Learn the details; know the environment; extrapolate the causes and effects of Evolution, History and Civilization.

Live Your Life Fully, Partially, and Diversely
Cultivate the Life and Society you want to live with full-time and part-time.  Pick all your interests so that you don’t lose them.  Demand what you want for yourself, If it doesn’t harm others or cause a lien on resources.  Build your Own way and support.  Be Self-Determinant.  Be tenacious and aggressive at the same time as when you need to politely and honestly observe the authority and precedence of others. Keep Balance.  Do Not Lose True Self or Social Esteem, but do not Over-Inflate Your Image, or you will not see yourself or other things accurately.  Add to your Contacts and Knowledge.  Add to other’s arsenal of support that you really respect and admire, but be sure that it is in keeping with the community of support arsenals that you have, want and/or envision.

Make History the Positive Way – Forward and Up Even Though
Do not repeat weak occurrences in History. Always go another direction, and Offer a Way Out to those who might need it.  Appreciate your true Value.  And Appreciate others’ true Value.  But Never de-value yourself to help another, or in helping another.  Help in strength and fortitude.  Advance Yourself, Your Causes, and the Causes of the people you believe in.  Make historic advancements, and make sure your advancements count for you, and hit all relevant Realities. (A Few Realities: The Main Life, Physical Life, Creative Life, Awareness Life, Psyche Life, Life and Death, OBJECT LIFE, and the Objective Life)  DON’T waffle, give way in confusion, or give away your advancements.  Undo sabotage.  Your Advancements Help Society if they are Comprehensive, Quality and Relevant.

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