What Makes What: History and the Future

History is this fantastic weave of experiences_ designed and natural_that make up each our own Breadth of Experiences, Confidence, and Sense of Liability. We may have fought valiantly in the world war, but been besought by unknown infections that deteriorated blood quality.  Consequently we are confident and bold as a fighter, but harassed and frustrated in a section of blood health.  History is a place to store repeat experiences, draw strength for them, and tell stories from the extrapolated experiences.

History for the Collective Population is the ‘IF THEN ELSE…’ flowchart of individual and group decision-making juxtaposed across and with events, natural phenomenon and conceptualized ideas and ideals. It is necessary and imperative for the individuals and groups, events, nature and conceptualists to retain their experiences, know their quality and the quality by which they relate to other groups.  That is their relativity to, and basis of, history.  Everyone and everything looks like a time-line of events with decisions great and not-so-great that denote what happens next.

Much of the Future is made in the present with every decision collaboration or withdrawal. The Future is already in play much of the time by Ideal Conceptualists who built idea frameworks such as Government, Corporations and Colleges.  These crank out a future that is systematic, and slow-growth to the Future.  Future conceptualists who live Live make the future dramatic in the Present by making changes and decisions that affect the ways of life and directions of Living and Dying.  Each independent decision is similar to a new genre of Living.  Many Decisions keep its collaborators and withdrawals in constant dialog about what big endeavors go forward, and what details are adopted as standard or specialty. Some decisions are rejected due to lack of resources, lack of innovation, or they are not time-efficient.

History is generally the stolid antiquated past that the Future will not Be.  But over time the future ideas take their turn as past historic ideas that aged to be common everyday occurrences or hip future concepts rerun. Separately, History is happily modern as when old nature reincarnates every year to be new and plush, or when the people of the Light assemble from outer space to incarnate on the planet.

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