WHAT IS REALITY?_ Our Agreement to Acknowledge One

I have Perceptions of Myself.  You have Perceptions of Yourself.  We were Both made to Live and Die with Quality, Earnestness, and Finesse.

We Love Life When we are Loved, Have Someone Or Many to Love, When we are Gifted, Checked and Acknowledged.  We Hate Life When Times Are Difficult, When The Place Is Over-Crowded, When The Rhythm Of Life Is OverRun With Incessant Selfish Personalities, And Nowhere To Retreat.

We cross each other’s Paths all the time and we know we each want a Quality Life of our own Design and Concept. We Lean Our Ideas on Yours and check to see if the concepts will support each other Forever or Until we need to move.  From these Collaborations We Learn about Other Concepts of Reality and We Try on New Expressions, Research New Ideas, Socialize to Find Company, Companions, Others that are Different, Fascinating and Safe.

Our Lives were Each Started in varying Reality Conditions, that we can each Recount. We Can Create our own Reality Conditions Inner and Outer by Working at It.  Many of the Reality Conditions_old and new_ are marked with people that view those Realities as Home, Hell, or Ideal.  In order to create the New Reality Conditions we Want, We have to Think Intently to Own the Idea and to Create Really Authentic Options. Why do we need New Reality Conditions?  TO EXPERIENCE Luxury or something Different, to move in a Sexy way, to Pleasure our Senses, TO ESCAPE to Another Experience Of Thought, To Something Familiar, To Something not Familiar but Challenging Enough to Grip Us, make us Love, Feel, and Know Peace.

I need to know there is something New and that We Can Get There Occasionally. You want to see the World, see what Experience has to Offer, and keep your survival.  We Agree To Discuss Reality So That We Have One, And Many Options to Vary It.  We agree to Agree and Disagree, and we Agree to Stay and Leave so that Life and Death are Meaningful.

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