What Is Reality?__ Bids For The Future

Reality is a series of Bids for what would be important to the Future:
1) from a Past that Was Conceptualizing What Would Be Important, And 2) from the Present Which Is Negotiating What Is Important As It Is Happening. This is done by Whoever and Whatever has an Interest in the Ideas and Results. Many People and Things don't participate, thinking  it is not in their periphery to decide.  And Many People think that the Average to Exceptional should not decide either.  They don't know that We Have To Get Involved To Affect a Change, and Should Get Involved So That We Are Co-Creating a Balanced Life & Death Answer.  But then We Need to send Everyone and Everything Back  to Living, Quickly So as not to Lose Their & Our Experiential Place.  We/They decide as the Future and Future Concepts unfold, whether to Keep It.

Some Great Bids That Were Made For The Future: 
• Light Bulbs
• Trees
• Mountains
• Computers
• Grass
• Music
• Cars
• Planes
• Housing
• Democracy
• Socialism
• Communism

Some Difficult Bids For The Future:
• Cash Based on Trees
• Movies with Intense Violence
• Food Based On Enemies
• Coding Others
• Lead Products
• Scaffolding
• Against
• Against-Your-Will Work: Products, etc.

The Past Makes Its Best Guess and Correlation on What will Grow, Build up, and Prosper in The Future.  The Present Works To Add and Multiply Positive Things, People, Effects, And To Minimize Hazards, Dangers, and Deficits. For The Positive Results, The Past And The Present Work to Divide Negative Collaborations, and Simplify Compounding Bad Arrangements.  The Goals Are To Enable The Positive With Ease, And To Minimize the Negative For Convenience and Livability.







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