What is Reality? ___Dealing With Priorities

When we (were) started, we had (have) to deal with our Priorities (set for us):
→That we will be this way and not that way
→And we will know and sort from the direction set
→And if all that is Quality, we will have to be and know Quality
But if it is not Quality, we will not Have, Be or Know Quality!!!!

As A Result, maybe we should take over setting our own settings from our Creator to get to Better Quality. Maybe we could Ask Our Creator_ if He, She, It is Nice_ and Get Permission To Change Things that Don’t Work, and to Upgrade Things that Do Work.  If HE/She/It is Difficult, maybe we can show a Benefit to what we are requesting, and Show How It Makes Life and Death Better.  Or Maybe We Could Just Do It, if that quality is of small consequence to the Creator and that Socio-Economic Level.  Different Generations Have Different Assets, Difficulties and Priorities.  Sometimes two Generations never cross on Priorities.  Conversely, sometimes Priorities Jump a Generation and Two Different Generations Have, Want, Advocate For The Same Priorities And Can Help Each Other.

We have our Priorities when we Start, but Eventually we need to be Aware, Amenable and Advocate for the Priorities of All: The Different Priorities ALL Things Have In Common.  Some Priorities are evident __both as themselves and as a Cultural, Genetic or Socialized Phenomenon.  Some Priorities are Individual and must be pursued for the Individual to Progress on their own particular path.  The Priorities of ALL different things Translate To the Average of What Priorities Are Agreeable to ALL, Based on They Provide Positive Options for All, and Minimize Negative Results for ALL.

The Priorities of ALL are the Mature Priorities you see in Great Solidarity Governmenting: Laws, Amendments, Statutes, ByLaws, Legal Documents, Instructions, Treaties.

The Priorities of ALL Do and Will Change Based on the Growing and Changing Sensibilities of their Populations.  Format, Libido and Lifestyle Changes will dictate Priorities of a Population.  Environment Inner and Outer will also influence changes in Priority.  The Meeting and Juxtaposition of ALL Wills and Willings to Relate, Get Together, Spend Time, Entertain, Educate, Work and Rest Dictate the Priorities that are Chosen and Woven Into Individuals And Their Society.

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