1. Your Responsibility FOR the Universe = IT is based on:
A) How much of IT morphed from you and is traceable;
B) How much you knowingly created IT, all assessed;
C) And How much you want to control IT, based on you are that way, or based on you have takeover problems.
D) If you resonate with the universe more than anyone else - as in you play the song that attracts All of IT - you are wanted to be more responsible for IT.
E) If you Are, or know, the way out of destruction and devastation, then you are invited to be more responsible for All of IT than most.
2. Your Responsibility IN the Universe = The Whole Thing, is to:
A) Stat You are a Life and  Death as you know it, and to survive the travails that show up to The Whole Thing.
B)  You are supposed to make The Whole Thing a better place than you started with.
C) But if you made The Whole Thing worse, you are supposed to pay for the damages and restore The Whole Thing Back to where The Whole Thing should be --  with Educated  Restorative Help.
D) Separately, Build Your Life - Create A Life and Death that is your own: Resonate and Harmonize; Answer  the  Questions of The Time; Mythologize the Age; Write a Book on what you Discovered and
Distribute; Have or Adopt a Group of Admirers that will voice their own answers, someday; Take a Journey that is Yours Alone, or with your Other; Take many simple and complex journeys and invite friends or family.
E) Know where you stand, what is clear, and what you are clear on. Know what you were meant to know at least some.  Know what you want to know, or should know, However you carry it.  Know enough to socialize with others.  Know How and Why things are.  Know How to do the Basics, and then some of the Most Important Things.  Know What is What.
F) Be Yourself In Depth and the Full Power of what you were Intended For Will Be Yours, as You  Fulfill your GODSELF Destiny.  Command What You Should.  Demand What is Fair and Right.  Cornerstone and Support the Destiny You Want to Be Predominant, and that You Want to bring into Being.

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