Questions: When Where Do Does Did

Where have we always known? Where do people learn? Why? Who teaches them? Where is it sunny always? Where does the forever celestial galaxy sky start? Where does it end? How does it maintain itself? Where do people go to? Where do they come from? Where do they congregate, socialize and grow?

When does it rain? When does it snow? When does everything happen? Why? When and Where do we preside? Because we do preside. Did we preside before? Does precision count in presiding? Do you or I preside wrong? When do we use our second sight? When do we claim our heritage of those that know what is not known? When do we give birth to a purpose larger than ourselves that accommodates all of us? When do we believe again in potency, potential, trust and caring?

What is wrong? What happened? What is needed? What else is necessary? Which road or path went forward? Who went back? What did we take for granted? Who was really important? Who looked important, but overshadowed someone else? What is the remedy? In how many cases did this happen? Who sponsors replicated soap operas of important everyday people? How do we get it to stop? When? Where? What time? Do you have the answer? Does the answer exist, or does it need to be researched?

Where is Destiny? Who moves it? Why? Where is its pain and profit known or felt? Who is like that? Who and what are the investors and inheritors of its wisdom and information. What gets destiny to move and take action or accept the action taken? Where and when do we accept liability and how do we take and not defer or trap it? How do we take the difficult road? When will we claim and love our difficulties, experiences and benefits as our own? Why are we complacent when we should be vigilant? Why are we not fully self-possessed and self-actualized? Do we build for others to know us better than ourselves? We need to know ourselves - our inner selves and outer capabilities. We need to test ourselves and know the answers.

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