Questions of Import and Value

Who made Everything? Who was First? Who was Second and Third? Who invented Living? Who invented Death? Who wanted More? Who wanted to Stay? Who wanted to Leave and Return Back? Who fell to Bad Habits? Who maintained Great Hereditary? Who saved the Universe? Who killed it? Who earned their way? Who Deferred to everyone else, and still has to pay? Who should pay?

What needs to be done? Who will do it? What are the Communication Gaps? Who should fill them? What time is it? Who will know? Who will care? What will make sense? Who and What will make it Work? Under What Pretenses? With What set of rules, Laws or Social More`s? Who will take precautions? Who will Dictate? Who will stay Dictator? Who will Listen? Who will stay Proletariat? Who will know? Who will Lead? Who will Follow? Who will Govern? Who will maintain the standards... of Peace... of Living... and of Dying Sanely?

Where will we want to Live? Under what Codes of Conduct and Law? With What Neighbors? With What Influence? With What to Do? Who will Host? Who will Visit? Who will be Neighborly? Who will corroborate the American Dream? (To own a House, Car... To have a Job, Spouse and 2.5 Kids...) Who will want to Live the American Dream? Why and How will we live the American Dream? When and Where will we Live the American Dream? Do you want to Live the American Dream?

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