Focus on Full-Range Living

Some people have to, or choose to, live part-time. They are definitive in their decisions and actions. Nonetheless, putting in the full-time commitment of living provides a comprehensive perspective on Life.

+Part-time people know appointments, specific timing, and the pat-down to make it happen.
+Full-time people know how long it really takes to do almost anything. They know history, current trends, and the future goals and investments of most things.

+Part-time people know specific cause and effects.
+Full-time people know experience and historic relevance.

+Part-time people are interested in the how and why of quality experiences.
+Full-time people are interested in situational nuance, and the variations of what is possible.

+Part-time people think of Life and Death as an everyday phenomenon to coordinate.
+Full-time people think of Life and Death as a long-term cyclical thing to plan for and around.

+Part-timers put their stamina on Death and have a stronger Death focus, and less continuity in Life.
+Full-timers focus on Life quality and stamina, and avoid Death.

+Part-timers, more often than not, proceed from their own reality. They want to see what they can accomplish or affect.
+Full-timers participate in the reality that is, and pursue their interests, agendas and preferences.

The focus of both part-timers and full-timers is progress in Life and Death at various levels. Both want to keep up with the times at various levels. They have to keep an interplay of Realities.

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