Find Your Boundaries And Responsibility

Most people have to claim Responsibility for their Life to have one. Someone designed the physical – others agreed, but the person and their creators have to grow it. Two people had a baby. It will have to learn to grow in the human physical world. There is a saying ‘I put you into this world, I can take you out,’ said by most parents and creators. Life has a value - to each individual, to Society, and to Potential. We all decide what is worth it - the dedication of one life to another. Education has teachers teaching students discipline, skill sets, and how to get a job to live on their own. Business cultivates social skills and interaction. These things are worth it – the dedication of one Life to another for a while.

What is Not Worth the Dedication of one Life to Another?
1) Hate or InGratitude – where there is No Family or Friend Loyalty due to conflicting allegiances.
SOLUTION: You Acknowledge and Thank where your resources are from specifically and accurately. This strengthens your GPS of where things are, grows your appreciation, abundance, graciousness, fidelity and faithfulness.

2) Monopolizing Resources Or Mobilizing Potential
Resources and Potential are infinite by dedicated work. No one ever made a dedicated Infinite Anything without having to work, or hire someone else to do the work. Work then begets results, skills, leadership, negotiated payment, and popularity for more jobs.

If Dedicated work is put toward things that are Life Negating and not Life-Affirming, such as Cataclysms, unwarranted violence, demeanment of others, the quality of Social Life is killed. Individual Life grows negatively. Comfort and expanse goes down while injury selfishness and hatred are multiplied.

SOLUTION: Try something new, push the boundaries every once in a while to see if they have moved.

3) When there is Not Abundant Life in the Dedication, in the Recipient, or the Result –
SOLUTION: It is not a strong enough commitment. Walk away, unless there is correctable answer as to why the Life is not in it.

4) All are Against You and they Mean it for Diverse Reasons. Sometimes we go our own way, forget the ethical / moral majority, and lose the answer to the question ‘is it right?’. We think so, but instead went to a single depth that doesn’t care about or for others.

SOLUTION: There is a saying that ‘God is in all things.’ If everyone you know is advising you of something, the Ideal God is in it, and the answer. Change to meet Its criteria; check your results for positive; agree to the positive changes. Check to see if your negatives are real, or if you wanted to throw a fit about something. Focus on the positive and learn to live in the positive. Most of society does (80+%).

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