Thinking + Communication: Individual

Thinking and Communication for the Individual equates to:
1) Translating what is going on Inner and Outer
2) Evaluating a plan of action, appropriate conversation, and what to do next
3) Acting, Talking, and Doing what is next
4) Coordinating visits, Recounting memories and Sharing future dreams and plans

Inner Thought allows people to express and be happy, even if they don’t have a friend around. Inner thought helps people with the freedom to be themselves. They can say what they need and want to say – in a place where they can evaluate whether to share that honesty with the corresponding person. They then keep what is imperative to keep, and share what is important to share.

Inner Thought may also be the collaboration of like or different Body People. These people coordinate with the owner, that the body works as a reliable system. They vote for solidarity, discension or conflict on current matters of the Collaborative Person. Then they compromise or depart to hold up their Individual or Group Life.

Projects unite the Inner with the Outer and keep everyone focused and productive. Thought and Communication are at their optimal levels. Priorities are juggled correctly. Inner and Outer Balances are maintained by all involved for Health, Continuity, and Solidarity.

Each individual gets to make decisions about the levels of Thinking and Communication they maintain with people Outer. They can be direct and network expansively, like the president of a company. Or they can maintain layers of curtains like a stage, and be one of many actors. They can be direct and sincere, or elusive and reclusive - only to need intense quality public time intermittently. Many times their decisions are made with a potential partner in mind, to see if a bond can be forged and scheduled eternally or infinitely.

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