Infinity and Eternity (2)

Definitions Review
INFINITY is the outer from now to forever continuity.
ETERNITY is the forever growth inner.

Infinity Expanded
Infinity is what is possible, and what is possibly possible –with or without effort. An individual’s Infinity is:
1) what he/she/it is capable of
2) what he/she/it sets in motion to happen
3) how adaptable he/she/it is to creating from other factors
4) the power network he/she/it has with others
5) the level of transcendent power he/she/it can work with.

Life is dynamic, and Infinity is the quality and caliber of renewable life. Infinity will appear to be consistent if individuals believe in it, and they live the Life Quality to maintain it. The Life never dies, but diversifies.

Life Examples
In a day, a man or woman will wake up, think about what to do, accomplish a couple things, go to work, go home and spend time with family, go out with friends, return and go to sleep to rest.

In their lifetime they each will start new, grow up, learn to take care of family and be taken care of by family, find friends, get employed, build a social life, make long-range investments, climb the corporate ladder, set up careers, have a family, grow their family, retire and grow old, travel and diversify, die and reincarnate, or just renew.

Eternity Expanded
Eternity is the forever Inner Life of maintenance and growth of psyche, mind, body, soul, awareness, and transcendence. Eternity is the Life of self-maintenance:
1) processing time
2) new ideas for things to do
3) body exercise and growth
4) making chemistry
5) soul conflicts and elation to address
6) cleaning of thoughts, all physical surfaces, and misalignments
7) letting Light in or pursuing habits of Divinity.

Eternity can not be confused with Infinity or the person will implode, or lose touch with the outer reality. Physical proportions and preoccupations need to be kept in sync and accurate – that we are all individuals in an environment at various levels. Time spent in Eternity needs to be offset with time outer or in Infinity to keep Equilibrium. This time needs to be proportioned to what maintains Life vitality.

Life Examples
In a day, a person will need to get up, get cognizant, check vitals, check motor skills, make his or her Run, be composed, be present, get focused, plan the day, coordinate, go, work, check back for Revitalization and renewal, sort confusing encounters and set aside, work, leave, dream, return home, exercise, kick back, motor, pass out.

In his/her lifetime, a person will grow from child to adult, maintaining both a cyclical and a continuous Run. If he/she maintains regimens and vitality, he/she will almost never die. If he/she keeps Eternity and Infinity in Balance, he/she will almost never want to.


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