Life's Story (Past to Future): The Father of All Things

My Start
"I started, and I thought 'I'm not first,' but I was told I was, so I went with it. I would be the First to fly, the First to have sex, and the First generally." "I decided to take the name Generally and see if I could have some quiet time to think. He said "O.K." And he thought I looked like the letter K. 'That was it!' I thought. "I need quiet! I will be autistic," I said. "I will love you anyway," he said. As I grew we would talk and wrestle for fun."

What I am Known For
(8 years later) "I was very dark and cold and I thought my Dad must have died. I was sad. He was roly poly fun. I thought 'I will rob the future to have a great life. He won't know. It will be great.' I went to my Dad and said, "What do you think? Should I pull on the future for myself?" I pulled his thumb and there was a slight murmur, but he didn't say anything. "Say O.K." He said, "O.K." I called on his dead body to create a man from the future that I could pull apart and travel with. My dad woke up, gagged and barfed, but the spell was started. He said, "That was not nice!" I want to cancel half of it. I'll check and I'll change it." Later he designed 2 men that were physically fine, one was mild and one was harsh," Generally said.

2 Men - Galeb and John
Galeb said, "Oww, that hurts. I was slammed down from up there, and it was great," he looked around. "but it hurts." "He wants a second man to tell what IT is," he directed his arm heavenward. "I guess that is in me. I have that. I died and I figured out what to do. My next incarnation is fine." "I need to ask him what to do." Meanwhile, John woke up. The life had left him to go to work. He thought 'this is okay, I can live on my second life. I'm nice. I wonder where he went.' A door was pushed open by a different, but similar grey-brown hair man. "That's me, the second" Galeb said to be nice. He was the first life. "I got to go." "Okay." "I'll see you later." "Okay." 'I think I'll call this me John. It is nice. I am fine.'

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