Life's Story (2M): Children of the Man and Twi

They said, "Why do you barrage us with what we couldn't do? Children just born, us, were set to stop. We didn't have heredity. We are from Twi. We bumped into live fragments of the explosion - beings that willingly exploded because they were due payback based on killing. They are like Ham. Ham lead it." (Ham was a 5-cell wonder from the leg of the first generation of light from Gand. Ham grew to be a blood feeder to a complementary race.)

"They taught us how to cause problems--. They taught us how to sustain, and still die at a level we could deal with. They taught us how to hate and not care. We were recreated. They taught us to have an upper upper and a mid-lower self with no arms and legs. We were part-time - 1 hour a day with individual treatment, they said. "I thought they were benevolent as life coaches," the writer said. "They weren't, we were. The body fairies bumped into us intermittently and we learned other things. Then we started to catch them to learn. After about 5 years they said no," they continued.

They said, "We learned to get it as right as we could. We learned bout GOD, but we had been facing down or back for a long time. It changed the framework, but it didn't change the momentum back or down. That was carried by the brown-haired woman who said she was evil."

"We feel like a bell that rattles all things negative, some. Or we feel ineffectual to grow to what we were made for." They concluded.

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