Life's Story (3): What Others Take

This Life started with a bang. Part of it was wounded, but nearly dead. The other part had been scooped out to live as a second life with a small, but strong wo-man. He-she was life-smart the universal child way. She had to fend for herself. The life she grabbed was new and naive, but universally adult. He thought - It has to get better than this.

He-she was smug because she thought evil could win over life. Little did she know, but her father/mother had tied them so she would have nothing to worry about. She liked her new friend, but she wouldn't keep the relationship at that level. Instead she chose to belittle him. She refused to fall in love either by heart, mind or power. Her love/wisdom/power was her own, and she-he would not give or share any of it. She put it on an altar inside her and lavished herself with the universe's best and worst experiences. She had no fear because she disdained and controlled most of the people, and most everything. Secretly she hoped her King and Queen parents would tell her what to do, and discipline out her tower of hate.

1) If you could grow up positively, would you let go of your evil childish ways?
2) What have you kept yourself from doing that is positive?
3) Ask God to help you give up your evil.

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