Values In The Universe: Trust

Trust is the agreement I will be there for you as I promised, and you will be there for me as agreed upon. Trust is based on original formal agreements to fulfill a destiny. Trust is deep, fulfilling and stable when kept. Trust is wrenching, disappointing and creates fallout, in the person and outer, when not kept.

Trust Is Many Things:
1. The intimacy to tell you the truth abut me
2. The unabashedness to know the truth about myself
3. An environment where the truth is found, built and supported
4. Life that supports Truth, Faith, Harmony and Balance

Is Trust Necessary?
- It means you can walk away with minimal fear.
- It means there won't be incessant harrassment.
- It is because we have to live in a sane universe inner and outer.
- It is because we have to be accounted for, find our way in Life, and Rejuvenate from death.

Trust Factors
Am I Approved (?)
Can I go forward ?
Will I Evolve ?
Will I Follow or Lead ?
Hopefully I can Self-Defend..
Hopefully I get my information right to be In Sync inner, and outer.
Hopefully I was created or made by a Benevolent Force.

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