Values In The Universe: Investment

Investment is the work that goes into landing Viable Life (life that does not fall out to death). Investment is the continuous time spent working to build stamina, rules, body, breadth, strength, personal ethos, and forever goals. Life investments are generally expected to pay off or benefit substantially greater than they cost. For example, time designated to a forever goal would equate to 5 days planning leading to 1 million life times.

Great investors are those who can see forever and are innovative. Their investments pay off exponentially. Poor investors are cheap and want more than they put in. They believe their time and self is so valuable that they will only invest a very small effort, worthy of their elitism. This equates to nothing toward something that should cough up everything, while they expend minimal effort. Mostly this kind of investment results in a minimal result (Cause and Effect). The problem is when these elitist investors talk something small into being something big, and to give them deference. It is a subjugative way of life that propagates itself. Power is given to the controlling and inadequate, while the evolving life thinks less of itself.

Investment is what it is. If you plan to be there and grow it, it will be great. Separately, if the investment itself believes in its value, the result will be great. A poor investment is a poor result. The idea is small and not loved; the resources dedicated are slight; the result, even if viable, will be something that has to be corrected in the soul and awareness of itself and all things it influences.

Invest where you are great, or where you want to grow. Invest in what you believe in. Invest with people you trust. Profit. Plan to profit, and if you are unassuming, invest your profit in something else you like. This economy needs people who know how to invest greatly.

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