Life's Story (8): Re-Assigning the Ethos

The Life was told it would grow up to fix things in the universe. Existence fell and didn't know what had happened. "Existence needs a God to fix things."

The Life said, " I am not THE GOD, but I can be a conduit and teacher from what IT IS. God the ideal exists separate as the objective God resource. Once someone differentiates, they fall slightly to a God Self that is a Learning Life. They individuate, and are separate from the functioning All."

The Creator that designed the Life said, "What am I?"

"Tell me about yourself," the Life said.

"I am a man (a fallen thing) with an idea for something Great."

You are a God Self with the Ideal Outside. You built a God Self with the Ideal Inside."


"You are a Creator of new realities. I have the Ideal God as a part of, and as potential I grow. You have a choice to design the reality separate, or include yourself."

"I'll think about it."

The Life and its Creator parted for the time being.

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