Values In The Universe: Individual

Individual is the separate experience we have from other people who have their own experience. It is the differentiation we have in Mind, Body, Soul and Awareness. Individuality is the personality of being an individual. Individuality affords us a place to think and plan our dreams for the Future.

As individuals we gain strength of autonomy, dominion of self, know-how, skills and self journeys that we can't explain. We grow different from others depending on how distinctive our experiences are. This is why old people are called mavericks, witches, magicians, ancients, teachers, chiefs and leaders. Collected experience creates the wisdom, magic and power of the individual.

Individuals have to remember to pursue social experience. They can get too isolated or distracted, and need to find social connects. Relatedly, individuals cultivated romance, dates, movies, dinner out, card & board games, familly occasions as a way to pursue social connection. If an activity needs more than one person, and it has a system of sociability to make it easy to relate, it was designed by a social-seeking individual.

Individuals worked at entrepreneurships and stored their take-home pay in personal accounts. Individuals climbed the mountains they could climb. Individuals planted the seeds they could plant. Individuals fuflilled their interests and longed for a destiny. Many are remembered because they are followed. Many are not remembered because no one can follow them. They have a will and a way.

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