Values In The Universe: Happiness

Happiness is Inner Growth that is budding, and Outer Growth that is branching. Things are Right: growth is in sync with expectations and results, with more to look forward to. The Past is delineated. The Present is better than before, and has expectations for a great future. The Future is both known and unknown.

The Resources for Happiness are plentiful or within reach. They are controlled, or there is the control to keep them set. Abundance and discipline, freedom and control are in the right proportions for functional living. Evil is vanquished, and can be only be found by accident.

The Dynamic for Happiness is Peace, Care and Evolution. The Push and Pull is equal, and the machine is operational. The Being and Doing of a person are equal, and Infinite Possibility is set in motion. The All-centered self is knowing; the self-centered self is creative, while the God Self both presides and is humble in the Infinite.

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