Values In The Universe: Generosity

Generosity is the giving of the extra that you have to those who have less. It is recommended for:
1) those who were started, or born, with a lot;
2) those that have a mandate to help others;
3) those who have extra they don't need;
4) those who have a lot of what others need.

Generosity is for those that Have
Generosity is not for those that don't have.

Generosity is out of Balance for:
1) those who never had enough for themselves;
2) those who have lost their composure;
3) those who make others pay for everything;
4) those who need to accept themselves.

Choice or No Choice
The term Generosity assumes that the person is choosing or has chosen to give something to others. There are times when no choice looks like the right option. Here are a couple examples:
1) The government collected more taxes from one section of the population than the others, with a windfall that didn't make sense. It should return the funds in some format back to that group.
2) A Girl Scout won a trip prize by making over her quota of cookie sales, but each of her 10 friends bought 10 boxes or more. She should share back with her friends.

When Should You Be Generous?
* You should be generous when people got you where you are - when your inheritance, upbringing and connections really helped pave your way.
* You should be generous when you have so much that the disparity between you and everyone else is stultifying.
* You should be generous when there is a fair exchange of gifts with someone else or a group of people.
* You should be generous when you could honestly help someone.
* You should be generous when you feel generous.

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