Values In The Universe: Liberty

Liberty is the most unencumbered version of the push-pull of all things. The first or beginning existence knew the broadest form of liberty - to be free to decide anything they wanted, and have it define the present and future. Then the Liberty got narrower and narrower, based on popular life and death themes, and iconic personality bases. That was the age of the Self-Centered Individual.

The downfall of the self-centered self is that it wants to define others, instead of staying within its own parameters. Hence broad sweeping subjugation, entrenchment, and anger. Then starts the search for personal and general Liberty, which finds out: What is Ideal? What is Fair? What do most people want? What will people vote for as individuals and in mass? This is how Liberty founded Democracy, and why Democracy requires Liberty.

Liberty for the individual is the freedom to do what you want to do. Liberty for the group is a compromise to maintaining security, keeping freedoms, with the least amount of incessant hassle. Systematic Sanity defines liberty in groups.

Liberty for the Infinite Future is to have one. It requires a way of life that protects the future and its options. No nit-wit can take away its power or options. Most generally, the Liberty and Power of the Future run right now as we co-create our destiny. Our many decisions are Democracy-In-Action.

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