Values In The Universe: Choice

Choice needs to be accompanied with its opposite No Choice to explain it. Choice is the options to live by and why. No Choice is the definitive pathway, or framework to live by. Distinct Personality or Heredity Construct is a limited choice. Focus or Goals set for Ideal is limited choice. Left to its own Resources and Ingenuity is a big open-ended set of choices.

Life is like a choice balloon animal - it is a container with a beginning and an end, made to look like something, that is meant for fun. In actuality, a balloon animal's life is too short lived - a day - but productive nonetheless. Life containers need to endure, so lifetimes are set forever. If it is a life it lives. As long as the choices are for Life, almost anything works.

Relatedly, The Choice things that are of and for death have to be kept away from the things of and for Life. Their agendas don't mix and neither should their resources. These are negative no-choice things, and they need to get back exactly what they put in - nothing.

Where the choices are and where they aren't makes the difference between viable and not viable. The first choice to be made is for the Best, and then a lot adds up. Go for the Best Quality, Best Environment, Best Value long-term, then those aspects will be there. Anything else is not the Best.

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